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Not very fast but trustworthy

Packages can take up to a month to arrive from the UK to Spain. That is quite a bit but delivery is free of charge and the packages arrive in perfect conditions.
They do not offer the best prices out there but are quite reasonable and I love that they sell Dermalogica products.

They have several discounts codes almost every month.
If you are not in a hurry, it is not a bad choice.
I have received most of the gifts in the offers, only once I didn´t and once one product I bought was not in stock and I had to wait a bit longer but customer service wrote every week to inform me of the situation and were quite nice actually, so I am a happy customer


Free delivery and quite reliable

They do not have it all, and some websites have better prices but I have never had any problem with HQhair. Delivery takes a couple of weeks, sometimes three but it always arrives and the products are all in perfect conditions.
They tend to care for their customers, if you haven´t made a purchase in a year they send you a discount code.
They sell Nars but most discount codes are not applicable to this brand.
I trust them, packages take their time but always arrive home in perfect conditions.


Free delivery and a huge number of brands

The only reason why I haven´t given 5 stars to Asos is because the site keeps excluding brands and products, that is, I can no longer buy some brands and products, mostly beauty related, because they cannot ship them to Spain anymore, eventhough a month ago they could.
Apart from that issue, my experience as a customer has been great, delivery is free and fast. They deliver the packages to my door and everything has always arrived in perfect conditions.
Love the brands and the service.


Expensive but worth it

The products are on the expensive side of the range and the site charges delivery rates but the truth is that they stock impressive brands and the orders arrive in time, in perfect conditions and I have to admit that I love how they wrap each product with the outmost care in one of the cloth bags.
They include samples and the site is quite user-friendly.
I have not needed customer service so far, which is always a good sign.
I will use it again.
Special offers with free delivery for loyal customers would be great (just a suggestion).


Excellent service

Prices are not the cheapest and you have to pay the delivery charges but it actually delivers and quite fast. I live in Spain and the orders take a week at max.
All products arrive in perfect conditions and I have never had a bad experience with them so far.
The site offers free delivery rates quite frequently, usually you receive an email or it is announced on their facebook page.
I love the fact that they explained why some products are Cult.


My favourite site

I live in Spain and I am buying now also from but I have been a loyal customer of for almost a decade and honestly, the site is amazing. I can find almost anything, the customer service is brilliant, kind and actually solves any issue you might have.
All my experiences with Amazon have been positive and I cannot recommend it enough.

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