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Network of individual sellers with a variety of goods

Some features like Paisa pay protection give a sense of security to customers, but since the guarantee has a lot of exclusions, it's a false sense of security. Visit Ebay if you want to buy something not available on your local dealer's, but be sure to read the fine print of every product before purchasing!

Kazi Networks

Reliable service with zero downtime, and excellent technical support. Highly recommended.

I've been hosting my popular Android site network, an Android forum and three other sites on Kazi Networks for over two years now. Their service is excellent, with near 100% uptime, redundant backup, and state of the art updated open souce technology. During this time, thanks to them, my sites have thwarted multiple directed hacking attempts from malicious sources, and resisted DDoS attacks with elan.

I trust Kazi networks and have no qualms in recommending their hosting packages to everyone. If you're after a reliable hosting provider with great technical support, near 100% uptime, and safe data storage, you'd be making a grave mistake in looking anywhere else.

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Joel G Mathew
Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), United States


Android Rom and Kernel developer. Doctor by trade.