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Hello Dixions Knowhow is a scam!!!
We put our six year old sons Samsung 50" Plasma TV into repair because it wouldn't turn on due to faulty power supply and its a known problem with Samsung TV's Worldwide and its well known to all repairers too and an easy fix, just replace power supply.
We only used Knowhow because our friend who works for Dixions recommended them after checking first if it was a problem they could fix.
We was told that it should a few weeks to be repaired and we paid what they asked and waited.
We tried chasing our friend to find out what was going on and he checked several times but got no reply for over two months then we demanded to know what they was doing with our TV and our friend was told by Knowhow Manager that they had lost our TV and that they were raising vouchers to cover the TV, at which point we went and bought our son a new TV and waited to receive said vouchers and waited , when we chased Knowhow we got nowhere and no one seem to know what was going on, now six months had passed and nothing to the point that we wrote to John Browlett chief executive to see if he could bring this sorry saga to a close but even though he got involved he then left to go to Apple and then we heard nothing and now over a year has passed and we still are chasing Knowhow until today when we received a email saying TV has been found but not repaired and retuned back to the store ready for collection, We have decided to take legal action in small claims court for breach of contract.
We think that Knowhow should be closed down as they don't repair your goods and the customer service is non existent and the public should boycott all retailers who feel they are to big to fail and ripping off children is so shameful to say the least, with no concern for how long our son would be without his TV and a public campaign to boycott The Dixions Group and use JOHN LEWIS instead, please copy and repost to show support,
And get this TO BIG TO FAIL COMPANY'S SHARE PRICE TO SLIDE to send a loud message to share holders to send change through the ranks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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