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Trust Pilot is Just a Stick to be used to beat up Companies that are 100% Correct in what they do

It is disgraceful that a site like this can be used in an attempt to beat up companies that have done nothing wrong and that customers can then use it as a threat because they have made an error purchased a bespoke product which was made to order to match their colour selection options and then once the customer receives it they realise they ordered totally the wrong thing and want to exchange it. When that customer is very politely informed about the Made to Order Policy ( which they agreed to prior to submitting the order) and that it is Non Returnable - but as a goodwill gesture we will make a replacement to the revised options the customer wants but they will have to cover the delivery cost which the customer rebuffs because they feel the company should incur all the additional costs. and then for that customer to be able complain about the policy (which they knew about before purchasing) and the fact they were asked to pay another carriage charge to enable their own ( the customers) mistake to be rectified is just simply stupid. This is then further compounded by the Non Logic of Trust Pilot because they will not remove it. Depsite the fact the company concerned has done nothing wrong.

The Non Return ( made to order) Policy was notified before the customer Purchased
The customer was spoken to politely at all stages
The customer was offered a way of replacing as a goodwill gesture
The customer leaves a one sided review because they feel hard done by that it is going to cost to rectify there mistake.

What more do I need to say... When we are 100% right we will always be wrong when there are sites like this... DISGRACEFUL

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27 March 2013

Reply from Trustpilot

Hello Colin,

Thanks for your feedback and sharing your story.

The purpose of Trustpilot is that consumers can share their experiences about the companies they buy from. It’s an open platform where any consumer or company can join.

We focus on making sure that the reviews are written by real customers, but the actual content in the review is the reviewer’s responsibility. We don’t judge whether the story is right or wrong, and reviews can only be removed if they are violating our guidelines.

If a company discovers a negative review on Trustpilot, our advice is to post a public reply telling their version of the story. That enables other consumers to see both sides of the story when doing vendor research. I can’t see which company you represent, but if you havn’t already written a reply, I will recommend you to do so. It’s free of charge.

Best regards,
Joakim Ditlev

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