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Poor customer service

Took a long time to send out medication - emailed prescription in as I had informed them next day after purchase, only to have no contact as they had allegedly not had it.
Very poor attitude on emails trying to address the issue. Were clearly receiving my emails yet claiming the prescription hadn't arrived when repeatedly resent at the time of conversation (and were showing as read) and then claimed emails were coming through without the prescription attached - clearly the woman doesn't know how to check emails outside of a stacked conversation or how to find attachments, which is a service important when accepting online prescriptions. An absolute pain and meant my horse went without medication as it took 3 times as long to arrive than it should have and had to buy from my vets due to these timewasters. Shan't be bothering with them again and apparently i'm not the only one to have had issues with illiterate customer service according to popular forums.

27 December 2013

Reply from Vet Medic

Sorry to hear that you had an issue with your order.There is a prescription upload facility on our website -this attaches your prescription to your order.This has been specifically designed to take out user /firewall issues You actually indicated that you had a prescription on file for us to use and you hadn't.You were emailed about this.
Rob McDonald Director



VP are known for being scam artists and now I've felt it also.

I placed an order of business cards, which despite taking far longer to arrive than expected, they were poorly cut and the images were so dark, I couldn't use them for my business.

I contacted them explaining the poor quality. Eventually I got a very poorly spelled reply about how I'd need to send photographs. I did this and again, had to wait a stupid amount of time before another poorly spelled reply came from someone else.

Long story short, they sent out a new batch of business cards which they'd "adjusted". These were even worse than the last lot, all of which have been binned.

In reply they claimed that now the period of time had passed, they couldn't do anything about it (Thanks VP for conveniently wasting my time to get out of it!)

They said I could have a measly 25% off my next order, as I'm still not happy with having paid a lot of money for cards that would be an embarrasment to my business and were binned.

Additionally, they said they wouldn't credit the money, yet I recieved two 'credit' emails, and when checked, they'd reduced the value from over £20 to just 26p. Thanks, you utter scam artists.

24 September 2012

Reply from Vistaprint

Hi Em,

We must be sorry for any hassle you have been through.
Further to your query, we kindly inform you that our customer service has isssued a credit into your account and placed a reorder for the faulty cards.

For further details, please do not hesitate to get back to them, at the toll free number 0800 496 0350, they will be glad to assist you.




Don't even bother with them, seriously.

A while ago I had a hoodie printed. Long story short, they sent me a hoodie every few weeks with incorrect, terrible quality printing, wrong colour and even wrong brand of hoodie. On the SIXTH attempt, they finally got the printing just about right to the point I could wear it. It took 2 months from ordering to getting this product.

A month ago I was in desperate need for printing, and sadly the *only* place offering to print on an item I wanted was Streetshirts. Hoping I'd be proved wrong that the first time was a fluke, I reluctantly ordered and waited.

Well I didn't expect much and they certainly didn't surprise me. Poor printing on the wrong item of clothing turned up, AGAIN!

I posted it back, with firm instructions as to what I wanted printing and that I needed it for a certain date.

Well, that date is tomorrow. Despite being promised over the phone it WILL be there for the day before, no matter what they will sort it for me as they realise their service was crap, once again, they've been a let down. Whenever the item does turn up, I would actually put money on it being poorly printed once again.

I got more sense from my dog with the customer service, and whoever does the printing needs firing. Honestly how hard can it be to not "approve" horrifically bad quality printing, wonky, poorly cut, wrong colour, wrong size images and text?

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