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Great service once again!

Ordered 3 x ADSL routers from Broadband Buyer on 13/2/2013 at about 16:30, and they arrived first thing the following morning.

Fantastic service, which so far has been consistent every time we've bought from them. Pricing's good too, and they're rapidly becoming our first point of call for routers or telecoms related kit.

I would recommend them to anyone!


Great helpdesk tool

FreshDesk is a solid helpdesk tool which helps your team to coordinate their support activities and productively assist your customers.
We switched over to it about a month ago now from a bespoke solution based around shared mailbox folders, and haven't looked back.

Its basic plan is missing most of the reporting tools but once you step up a notch it does nearly everything you'd probably want in a helpdesk tool.
Highly recommended!


Fantastic service, exceptional value, reliable VOIP provider.

We came across NumberGroup about 3-4 months ago now when looking for a VOIP orientated telecoms company to provide in & outbound SIP trunking services along with various direct-dial numbers for our office telecoms.

Out of all the companies we looked at, NumberGroup seemed to offer exceptional value for money with an honest approach to pricing core technologies such as SIP trunks. They charge for service provision & calls, but don't charge stupid amounts of cash (like so many other VOIP telecoms companies) for SIP trunking or the ability to handle more than one call concurrently. In addition they also provide a range of PBX style services - hunt groups, call forwarding, voicemail, fax-to-email etc. but aside from fax-to-email we provide these ourselves with an on-site Asterisk system.

We ran a free trial for a week or so and decided to pilot NG along with a new in-house SIP system as a replacement for an ageing PSTN based PBX.
Had a couple of teething problems in terms of getting the right configuration on Asterisk to optimise inbound routing & trunks (entirely our fault!), and a brief over capacity issue while waiting for BT to activate a load of additional circuits for them; but otherwise the service has been of a consistently high quality & problem free.

We now run all our office telecoms through NG, using SIP trunks to receive inbound calls from a collection of DDI numbers (regional 01xxx & an 0800) & rely on their great value outbound call service to handle all outbound traffic.

It... Just... Works.... :-)

In summary, NG are a great company - exceptional prices, reliable service and a helpful team. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a teleco to support inbound DDIs or good value calls through SIP trunking. Probably helps if you know your way around your telecoms system, but it's not difficult to get up and running.

I'd not seen the other reviews posted here before signing up, and in retrospect don't think they'd have made any difference to our decision. Treat NG professionally, and you can expect professional treatment in return.

For the sake of clarity, I have no connection with NG except for being a satisfied customer.

My purchase has also been verified by TrustPilot.

Updated 2/2/2013:
I find it amusing people rush to declare this as a fake review. It isn't.
TrustPilot have received & checked copies of some of our recent invoices from Numbergroup and I'd invite anyone who still wishes to challenge the authenticity to contact either me, or Numbergroup to check for themselves.

Like many companies, NG have their share of happy & unhappy customers. We can't fault their service - it has been nothing but first class so far.

Updated 15/02/2013
Another day, another "report this review".
Unfortunately guys, this is a genuine view of Numbergroup.
Feel free to report it if you really, really must; it's been reviewed by Trustpilot and they've verified our purchase so you're just creating work for their support team.

Sorry if you've not had a good experience with them - we have. That doesn't make this an inappropriate, inaccurate or fake review; just one that's perhaps different to yours.

Update 26/03/2013
No issues to report - good, continuing service from Numbergroup. We're in the process of porting some of our older PSTN numbers onto NG's network at the moment, and I'm continuing to recommend them to other local businesses.

Bizarrely one of the individuals who posted a negative review below now seems to have convinced himself that I'm associated with Numbergroup. Not the case whatsoever, and as verified by Trustpilot we're simply a happy customer. Highly comical.


Great - good experience, quick supply of quality tyres

I ordered a set of 4 Goodyear Wrangler HP 236/65/r17 tyres from MyTyres.co.uk for my Landrover Freelander as MyTyres offered the best price by far from all various online tyre stores.

Absolutely nothing to grumble about - they were helpful on the phone (called to check stock), easy to buy from, and dispatched promptly with my tyres taking 3-4 days to arrive after order from Germany.

Highly recommended; will be using again when I next need tyres!

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