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Surprised to see they're so badly rated?!

I was surprised to see this company so badly rated, I thought they were alright?!

I bought a Sony flatscreen TV from tvsdirect in 2008 and had a good experience, so looked to laptopsdirect when I wanted to buy a laptop as their prices are so good and delivery speed so quick.

Bought a Sony Vaio FW21Z from them in March 2009, paid well under the odds, and got the laptop next day - the only downside was that the graphics card was faulty. So I called their customer services, and they said they would have to take it back, inspect it, send it off for repair etc...

Since I didn't have time to mess around, I arranged with them for me to buy another one at the same price (even though it had gone up on their website), and I would return the other (faulty) one for a refund.

Got the replacement the following day, sent the original back and got my refund in a few days - simples!

I think I even recommended them to a colleague who also had a trouble-free experience buying a Vaio from them?

The only thing that really disappointed me about them was, on April fools day last year (2009) they sent a really inappropriate joke about "Funerals Direct" which was in really really poor and insensitive taste, and incredibly unprofessional. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/04/01/laptops_direct_offer/

I'm sure some people would find that hilarious though. Perhaps people who haven't recently had a bereavement.

For that reason, I would probably not use them again, but for 'doing the do' in respect to taking my money and delivering me a promised product and service, I think they were ok

AV Addicts

Looks at reviews on av-addicts.co.uk

The reviews of av-addicts.uk look good because there's only a couple - please consult av-addicts.co.uk for more information

Boots Kitchen Appliances

Absolutely superb service

Bought a Bosch Dishwasher from here after having a really really poor experience with another e-retailer.

Boots were top drawer from the off - excellent website (actually seems to be a standard design across a lot of other major name retailers, cetainly in respect to picking delivery dates etc...)

The price was highly competetive, got advantage card points (well haven't got them yet - but they say it takes some time... will have to keep an eye in it), and they were also signed up to the Bosch cashback scheme too.

Delivery (By "Expert" deliveries), was incredible - received an call the night before telling me my allocated 'slot', then a text, then a call from the chaps themselves telling me exactly when they would turn up.

When they did, they were careful, gave me excellent opportunity to inspect the goods. Unfortunately they were unable to perform connection as they needed an adapter (neither theirs, nor my fault), but I got my connection charge refunded straight away by calling the helpdesk.

All in all, I have no reservations at all recommending Boots Kitchen Appliances, and would give them a strong 5*/5*

AV Addicts


Ordered a dishwasher from them, failed to arrive, told outright lies on the few ocassions when I could actually get through to them.

Unfortunately only saw the bad reviews after ordering - I was confident when purchasing as I saw they were ISIS and IDIS accredited, and used a trustworthy 3rd party payment processor (SagePay).

Update: I have eventually received a full refund after escalating the matter to IMRG, 20 days after placing the order. Therefore I can't say this company are 'fraudulent' any more (and I have deleted much of my scathing review written in anger), but they certainly aren't worth dealing with and I strongly urge you to look elsewhere.

I bought my dishwasher from Boots Kitchen Appliances in the end and had a remarkable experience with them.

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