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I love iT

Real people writing real complaints.
Trustworthy for sure



Promises and more promises and more promises and . . .
And in the meanwhile I am waiting for 1 year, 6 months, 2 weeks and 1 day.
I do not trust this 'firm' for one bit. They promised a refund which should have happened between 15 and 21 July.


Am I surprised?
Oh no.
This 'firm' does not surprise me. Not anymore.

Look at these complaints. They all say the same. Do not buy anything from this 'firm'. Once they have your money they are satisfied, and the customer? Well I feel really stupid for not checking these complaints before I placed my order. A classic trap. And I fell in to it. I work really really hard for every Euro and they treated me really the wrong way.

So now I wonder if this complaint will be removed like a lot of other complaints on this website. Because this came from a very angry customer. Or will they call me? Will they finally pay me my money back like they promised me a month ago?

I don't think so.
So wannabe customer, be wise and do not throw away your money!


Finally, I díd get my money back. Something I honestly did not expect at all!
As a reaction on this complaint through trustpilot I did receive 2 phonecalls from a lady named Valery of customer services. This lady managed to turn this ordeal around. Today I checked my bank account and, to my big surprise there it was.
Finally someone took my complaint seriously. All my actions towards the Dutch department did not result in any action. Very annoying. So I am happy this turned out this way. I hope any customer with similar complaints will get the same treatment and result I got.
Trustpilot thank you for this opportunity and your strength in rating shops

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30 July 2013

Reply from Designfurn LTD (infurn.com)

Hello LHJ,

Thank you for your comments. There was no fraud involved but there has been an issue which badly affected your order.

We discussed your order today and please accept our apologies that you waited so long for your goods, and then waited for the refund too.

Upon checking the order details, there was an issue with some orders last year,
whereby we lost several suppliers due to global recession and had to secure new ones. This did lead to major delays in some cases and we are sorry that your order was also affected. We offered compensation the time which you accepted, but understand your frustration at not receiving the item sooner.

You commented about removal of reviews: A review may be temporarily removed for missing an order number making it difficult to track and investigate, or else if a review were to contravene Trustpilot guidelines, such as for using bad language, for example. But even then, we investigate the order for resolution.

Meanwhile, we can confirm that your refund request has been actioned.

Kind regards
Valerie - Customer Services Adviser.


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