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Waiting, waiting, waiting...

***Update 6 Sep***

Yesterday I called Furniturepoint's supplier and learned that although I placed my first order with Furniturepoint on 6 August, Furniturepoint did not communicate that order to their supplier until 29 August. So Furniturepoint are responsible for a three week delay in an order that they had proposed would take 3-4 weeks. (!)

Moreover, the order I placed with Furniturepoint on the 16th was not placed with the supplier until the 20th, and Furniturepoint have misled me in expecting a much earlier delivery date for that order than is possible. One of the items I requested is out of stock and cannot be delivered before 22 October. Two months of waiting time does not resemble the 5-15 days that Miles claims his team indicated for the 16 August order. At no point did anyone on the Furniturepoint team communicate this delay to me.

At least Furniturepoint do not seem to be guilty of fraud - just terrible internal logistics and horrific customer service.

My question now: what will Furniturepoint do to make things right with me? Does anyone care to hazard a guess?

***Update 4 Sep***

In response to Miles's note, I will correct his factual inaccuracies:

1) I placed my first order for a bed on 6 August and a second on 16 August. Neither order has been delivered, nor do I have a date for either order to be delivered.

2) If Miles tried to call me, he did so on someone else's number. I did not have missed calls from his company's number, nor did I have a voicemail from him (I would assume a voicemail to apologise for poor service would be standard customer service).

3) Miles's version of Frankie's conversation last Wednesday is fictitious. The first mention of supplier-direct delivery was in a voicemail left on Sunday by one of Miles's female colleagues informing me that my order would be delivered directly from the supplier, and that she would chase the supplier on Monday. 48 hours later, I have heard nothing from the supplier, nor have Furniturepoint followed up.

I still have no reason to believe that Furniturepoint are not a fraudulent organisation. If anything, the factual inaccuracies in Miles's post increase my suspicions that Furniturepoint are a dishonest organisation. At best they are deeply negligent and questionable.

It seems I will have to call the supplier directly to ascertain if Furniturepoint ever forwarded my order to them, or if Furniturepoint have pocketed nearly £1k of my hard-earned money without remorse. All I really need is for the supplier to disavow knowledge of my order...

***Original post 2 Sep***

I was initially so relieved to find a website that offered great deals, a relatively short lead-time and delivery to the room of my choice.

Now I am very concerned. Four weeks out from my initial order, I have yet to be told when the items would be delivered - only that my supplier is in the UK, so there should be no problem, and delivery would take 2-3 weeks from my order (this was 2.5 weeks from my initial order). Funiturepoint's online tracking service tells me only that my order is processing. What exactly does that mean? Has my order been placed with their supplier? Is my order held in a warehouse somewhere? Have they forgotten to place it?

After another 1-1.5 weeks, I called customer service repeatedly only to wait on hold for over five minutes without an agent picking up. I sent an email - to which they promise a response in 48 hours. You guessed it, no response.

I finally managed to speak with an agent this past Wednesday. She did not give me an update on my order but told me that someone would be in touch to schedule a delivery date shortly. Hours later, still nothing, so I called again. The agent said that they would call me back in the next couple of days to schedule a delivery date. Again, no call. No response to my email. No online update to my order's status.

Is this company a fraud? With behaviour like this, I would not be surprised if they were to flood TrustPilot with artificial positive reviews to offset the 25% astoundingly poor reviews they have received.

One more email, one more call. Then it's off to the Office of Fair Trading with you, FraudulentPoint.

02 September 2012

Reply from furniturepoint Limited

Dear Mr Lewin,

You placed your order on the 16th August (3 weeks ago). The items that you ordered give an estimated delivery time of between 5-15 days. My colleague Frankie Spoke to you on Wednesday to inform you that we were experiencing a slight delay with the Manufacture and that we would send your items direct from the Manufacture to speed the delivery process up . They will be calling you on Monday to arrange a delivery date.

Your Email that you sent through this morning has been answered this afternoon.

I have tried to call personally a couple of times this afternoon to discuss your order but you have failed to answer your phone.

I'm sorry that you feel we have not kept you unto date with your order. We are constantly looking at ways to better our customer service and communication.

Thank you for your feedback.

Kind Regards

Miles Fawsitt

Managing Director

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