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Scan Computers

Terrible, slow, unhelpful service

Had my 9month system fail on me due to a PSU shorting out. Requested RMA, recieved RMA code and sent out the product packaged securely, and after testing it myself. I then waited 4 days, knowing full well that they'd recieved my RMA.

Upon checking the website's "RMA tracking" i found that my RMA was under the "Awaiting authorisation/replacement" stage, and this stayed like this for a further few days. I sent an email to their customer service department asking for an explanation for the delay, and why my tested product (which had been found faulty) was doing nothing and no progress was being made to my return being sent to me.

I recieved no reply but the status of my RMA was bumped to "Invoice printed" but then stayed on this process again for a further few days. At this point i had waited just under 2 weeks for this easy RMA to be resolved, and then attempted to phone them for an explanation. It took me 5-6 attempts to eventually get through to someone who then explained to me that they had been waiting for a replacement to come into their warehouse for several days, and it could be a further 3 weeks before they would have it in stock. If i hadn't of contacted them myself, i would never have known this, and would never have been able to ask for a different product to be shipped to me.

They had my email address, they had a home and mobile number associated with me, but they never even attempted to update me on the situation.

To make matters worse, when i recieved the PSU it appeared the PSU shorting out also caused my Motherboard to become faulty. It's been 5 days since i contacted them over the phone requesting an RMA number and all i got from them was a copy-paste email asking me to take steps to test the motherboard myself, which i did. The testing they asked me to do showed that the motherboard i had was still not functioning.

I phoned them again after testing this, about 30 minutes before they closed. All i was told was to "reply to the email and we'll process the RMA". I replied to said email, and recieved no response, and still haven't. Apparantly the prospect of home time in 30 minutes was such an attractive prospect that it has led to me being completely FORGOTTEN about by their returns department.

Having waited 3 days for a simple RMA number to be assigned to me i phoned them again, to be told that they recieved my email, but i needed to tell them what the problem was.

Really? I spent a long while on the phone with their returns guy (Gareth) explaining the problems with the product, and now (the same guy) wants me to tell him the exact same thing AGAIN in an email, just so i can get my RMA?

Seriously bad service from these people, and once this issue is resolved i will NEVER be using them again. Utterly unacceptable.

Update 22/09/12:
Checked the status of my motherboard, apparantly been found to be in working order, even though thorough testing by me found this to not be the case. Asked me to send my CPU and RAM to be tested with the board and test boards, but has now been lost in the post with Royal Mail, or is sat lost in Scans returns department. Been waiting 2 months now for a simple return.

I have none of the essential parts for my computer now, and will have to wait another 2 weeks before scan will consider any options for my lost and very expensive pieces of hardware, while they're still holding onto my motherboard.

If i hadn't already vowed to myself to never use them again this would be enough for me to stop using them all over again. I will be using their competitors, even if negliably more expensive, since most places deliver for free, unlike scan.

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