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Obviously Rigged Results to downgrade businesses and panic them into paying

I don't know how your scoring matrix works, you would assume since you rate out of 5 and score out of ten the score is double your average rating? It is not; a 4 star review will undermine your overall score!

From a customer stand point 4 out of 5 is probably what you would award a company that say offered 3-5 day delivery and received the parcel on day 4 or 5. Awarding 5 stars for delivery on or before day 3 for example.

To a customer a score of 4 is them thinking giving a fair review for fair treatment.....wish we could get the same from Trustpilot.

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20 February 2013

Reply from Trustpilot


Thanks for your review. Please let me explain a bit about, how the calculation of the overall score - also known as the TrustScore - works.

Whenever you look up a domain on Trustpilot with no reviews, you will see the evaluation “Good”. This is because all companies have a start rating of 7.0. Most companies deliver satisfying customer experiences, so that’s why we believe 7 is a fair starting point.

Whether a 4 star review will add or subtract from the overall score depends on various factors. The most important is how many reviews the company already have. If it's their first review, a 4 star rating will increase the score slightly.

The TrustScore is a weighted average that takes the wisdom of the crowd and concentrates it into a single number. The more reviews a company has the more certain the score is.

You can read more about calculation of the TrustScore on our blog:

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