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Nice office, but some real downsides

My company has mixed views of Regus. On the one hand, our room and building and location are all good - central, near a train station and bus routes, clean, light and bright. The caretaker here is friendly and the other tenants are quiet. So far so good...

One the other hand, we were promised a lot more than we have received in the sales pitch for the room. We were led to believe we would have access to meeting rooms included in the price - this wasn't the case and we had to negotiate an arrangement which means we have less access to meeting rooms than we planned for.

Everything is expensive, sometimes ludicrously so - we were asked to pay over £100pcm for a new statsic IP port to enable us remote access to emails/server - the true cost to Regus probably being £5pcm or so. We share phones as the line rental is too high for one each. There are lots of hidden costs and an attitude of never giving something for nothing.

We were led to believe the move in would be smooth and easy - it wasn't. Nothing is straightforward - it took us much longer to get our office furniture, and get emails and phones set up than it should have done, and we had to use an external IT contractor as the internal people were hopeless. This was at our own expense.

The basic admin isn't great. Invoices have often been incorrect and it's taken multiple queries over protracted periods of time to get them adjusted. Phone messages are not always passed on. Post is only passed on if actively requested. You don't get the sense that the staff are very interested in keeping clients happy, more in keeping their superiors happy and keeping the money rolling in.

So, overall, I would say Regus is not a very trustworthy or efficient company despite having some good real estate and very charming sales staff. Be careful of getting in writing whatever a sales advisor promises and read all the small print and be sure of the costs of everything before you sign! Make no assumptions! We will probably stay for the immediate future as the building/location are good but the company could really do with improving and being more client-centric as it has lost a lot of goodwill with us.

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