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Rubbish Company - Pathetic Customer Service Line

They 'attempted delivery', and 'couldn't find the address' So Amazon say contact "your" courier. (The items are sitting at Warrington and have been for 2 days now with no re-attempt at delivery). So forced to contact them, you can't do this on line, you have to do it on the phone, eventually you get to the point of 'enter your 8 digit number from the card we left!' Which having not found the address you don't have! Help line does not let you get any further without this and hangs up on you. There is no other way of contacting them,,, What a shambles, only option is to wait until they can be bothered to return the items to Amazon and then I can re-order in the vain hope that Amazon use an alternative courier, what a garbage company Yodel are, and Amazon are equally at fault for using these guys.

Footnote: Having contacted Laura via the Yodel social networking email address, she did expedite this for me and sorted it out very quickly, thank you Laura for your help, you are a credit to what would otherwise appear to be a very haphazard company.

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12 September 2013

Reply from Yodel

Hi Peter!

I can get your parcel out for delivery to you today.

If you send over your full address and contact number to, I'll get working on this right away.


S3i Group

All round top quality

The quality of the assembly is superb, and the turn-around equally good. I wanted a replacement for the ugly tie-bars in my conservatory, one which removed the need for a central drop rod (so I could fit a ceiling fan). The tie wire was ordered in 6mm to required length, the item was made and supplied in a couple of days and is perfect for the job. An excellent service, one which I was looking for quite a while, very happy to say S3i Group came up with the goods. (and the tie wire looks great as well!

Complete Aquatics

Great Service, Fast Delivery and Excellent Value

No problems, Eheim filter media was the most competitively priced I could find, and delivered very quickly indeed, would have no problems recommending to all. Why wait best part of 10 days with the internet biggest/slowest shopping site. Use Complete Aquatics with confidence


A low cost and reasonably effective service

There seems a staggering amount of negative reviews for this one. But given that it is relatively rare for people to bother submitting a review when things just went as they expected. Thought I would write one. I ordered 4 steel bars on ebay for 3-5 day delivery on Sunday and they were delivered on Friday, so within the stated time-frame, just, but none-the-less in the time-frame. The tracking was OK, but a little confusing, Collected by courier, being the confusing bit, what that meant in my case was the local (self employed) delivery driver had collected the consignment from my local depot, in my case Wigan, about 6 miles away. At this point you kind of lose sight of what is happening, but if you accept (and know) that delivered to courier means essentially 'out for delivery' it isn't so bad. You do have to consider the cost that you (ultimately) paid for the service and it is a whole lot cheaper than Parcel Post or DHL etc. So all in all a satisfactory service, for the cost, and it provides good flexible employment for local people!


Let the Buyer Beware...

This company have justifiably a terrible reputation. Ordered my item on 10-12 days shipping on 9th August 2012, still not got it on 3rd of September 2012. No acknowledgement or replies to the 'Quick Response' email system, no way you can send an email directly, so you have no record of having sent them anything (except your money). I talked to them last week, when my order was way overdue, and was showing as 'Items Allocated', they told me it had been dispatched, but couldn't provide a tracking number!! Asked to cancel the order (for the 3rd time, twice by email once by phone, "Can't cancel as it is on it's way". At least I paid by credit card and will take this route to recover my cash. If you are looking for tension in your life, then feel free and play Russian roulette with these guys, otherwise go somewhere else. I wouldn't use them again for the best deal on the planet... I feel sorry for the girl on the end of the phone having to put up with irate customers all day, best the only thing they turn-around promptly is their employees!

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