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Don't buy a fridgefreezer from Currys!

I bought a new fridge freezer from Currys in February 2013: LOGIK - LFC60W12
Having major problems with the fridge - very poor temperature control - and am very disappointed with the service I am receiving from Currys. Naively, maybe, I expected more from such a major UK company. Staff seem ill-informed and calls are always getting cut off / misdirected. No one will take responsibility for an issue.
The fridge temperature slowly rose to 14C and I lost about £100 goods. Currys says they will reimburse this cost if I write an itemised bill of all items lost.
But much more worryingly, as I did not know there was a problem, I had been giving my 2-year old twins milk and dairy products "on the turn". (This was the hottest period of the year). Also, my partner - who has health issues - has been ill with a stomach bug - coincidence??
I had to buy a cooler bag (£40) but Currys will not reimburse this cost. They also showed no comprehension or understanding about how important it is to have confidence in a fridge temperature - particularly for young children. Evidently, it is not their problem how I store my cold food while the fridge is not working.
I had to wait 5 days for an engineer who asked me to defrost the freezer (this is a Frost-free model) so I lost a lot of my stored allotment goods. Now I am still measuring wild swings in the fridge temperature. It is currently at -2C but if I increase the setting it rises to 10C.
I now have to wait another 5 days until an engineer comes out again to look at it.
I have no confidence in this fridge and all I want is my money back.
All in all a very disappointing service from Currys and no happy end as yet.
PS. Oh yes - would strongly recommend NOT to buy this fridge model!

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