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Cheap but good

Purchased a small tv, the staff seemed very helpful.
I did find the new stupid touch screen stock checker is rubbish, I felt like kicking it....


Photoshop..I wish it didn't cost so much

I wish it didn't cost so much, but the product serves its purpose for myself & my clients. I had the trial version and became addicted to its ability to manipulate all of the file types I need to use as an amateur photogrpher. This version is so feature laden that it was worth it to quit upgrading the lower cost Photoshop Elements which always was just short of what I needed or wanted and bite the bullet and lay out the big bucks for this overpriced but excellent software. CS6 is the best no doubt so I guess they can get by with the outrageous price. Still getting used to the convoluted help that Adobe provides is another challlenge. Anything that is not understood in the program always involves an hour or two navigating this help, weeding outh the extraneous suggested help etc.

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