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On the June 18th, I ordered a Bosch SMS40A02GB dishwasher from the Isme website. The website stated that ‘most orders’ arrived within ‘5-10 days’ so I was little surprised to receive a confirmation email saying it would be delivered ‘on or before July 11th’. I presumed the extra time was deliberately being built in to cover any unforeseen delays and that it would arrive well before that.

However, by July 10th I had heard nothing from them, so tried to call their customer helpline. After being kept on hold for 10 minutes because of ‘high call demand’ I was cut off. I tried again. This time the hold only lasted for 6 minutes before I was cut off again! Hopeless!! Clearly their call centre staff think this is the most effective way to keep call waiting times down!

I then looked at their website and I found a statement saying they were ‘experiencing delivery problems’ for larger items and many of these would be delayed. However this referred to North Wales and the North of England – nowhere near London, where I live. Also, I had to find this out myself. No-one at Isme had bothered to contact me about this!

Then later that day, I received a call from Isme saying that the dishwasher would be delivered on July 12th between 12-45 and 4-45. OK, only a day late than originally promised; we’ll accept it because we’ve waited so long. So, my wife took an afternoon off work to wait in for the delivery. We had asked the driver to call ahead, so when we had heard nothing by 5pm, we tried calling their customer helpline AGAIN. ONCE AGAIN the same debacle – on hold for 8 minutes, then cut off. Tried again – on hold for 16 minutes (YES SIXTEEN) then cut off. Absolutely useless. During the entire day, we heard nothing from Isme at all and our delivery failed to materialise.

On the morning of July 13th I called them YET AGAIN. This time, after being on hold for 12 minutes, I wasn’t cut off – I was put through to a headset with nobody operating it! I could hear voices in the distance talking - but it was clear this desk was empty! I called out ‘Hello’ for about half a minute but it was clear no-one was taking this call. What a joke! How unprofessional to put callers through to empty desks! Is this another Isme ploy to reduce waiting times?

Determined to get through, I phone them AGAIN and was on hold for 26 minutes (YES TWENTY-SIX) before I finally managed to get through to someone. This person was very helpful but could not give me an answer as to when the dishwasher would be delivered – or where it was! She could see on her system (as I could on their website) that the order had arrived at their depot but then nothing else had happened. However it was still showing that the ‘latest delivery’ would be July 11th. What a farce! This was the final straw.

Not being able to give me any indication of delivery, I decided enough was enough and cancelled my order.

This shoddy level of service was absolutely appalling. Not only have I waited for weeks for a very ordinary item, I had absolutely no contact from them whatsoever regarding the order’s status or any delays. I received no updates, no information and NO APOLOGY. When I tried to contact them, it was virtually impossible. Any information I have had has been found by myself. I find it hard to believe that this company can give itself such generous delivery targets for such a straightforward item and then fail so badly at meeting it!

My refund was processed. However, when I broached the issue of compensation for the time wasted, the broken promises, the endless phone calls and the holiday my wife wasted taking time off work, the onus was put back on me to prove it!! YES PROVE IT!! WHAT AN INSULT! THE FINAL INSULT.

I will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use Isme again and will make sure that none of my friends or family have to suffer this disgraceful company either.


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