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Would use them again

Delivery was really fast, well packed, no problems



Braintree sell hemp, bamboo and other ethically made clothing. It is more expensive than some of the cheapo fashion websites, but they dont use sweatshops, and the clothes are beautifully made and designed. The garments are often unusual, and versatile, and are much nicer to wear than man made fibres. On top of that, their customer service is absolutely amazing, and they are always willing to help, answer questions etc. They are also a very honest website (unlike some others I could mention)



I used to use Ocado a lot, but stopped using them some years ago, because (I lived in a different area then) they kept packing eggs and meat with foods you don't cook eg fresh eggs - always broken - in with bread. It didn't matter how often I complained - the next week it would be the same. Well I moved and finally decided to use them again. After only the second delivery, I found they had packed fresh chicken with scotch eggs and fresh milk! Don't these people have any knowledge of food standards, or care that they could be giving us salmonella poisoning? When you think how much publicity there is about raw poultry and how careful you have to be! As far as I'm concerned Ocado = poison


Worst experience ever

I wanted to buy something from Curvissa: there website said "20% off your first order" in bold lettering. I put something in my basket, and along the way I signed up for what I thought was an account. I went as far as checkout and realised that there was no 20% discount. What followed over the next few days was a series of time wasting and nonsensical emails, answered in a very automatic way by what I can only assume must have been cybermen. I kept trying to buy this item, but it never worked. I kept sending emails telling them what was happening. The last one I sent was "deleted without being read" You'd have to be an idiot or a masochist to use this firm. It is obvious they don't want anyone to get the 20% discount. They present a series of hoops you have to jump through (metaphorically of course) and you get to the last hoop and the website doesn't work! How dare they waste my time like that! There are some internet firms who are just marvelous - and then there's Curvissa/Freemans who make it as difficult as possible to buy anything! How do they keep going?


Follow up to previous review

I wrote a review called "never use them again" but since then, they sent me a communication by post, together with some complimentary items. They also attached a copy of an email response, which must have got spammed as I didn't receive it. I was impressed that they went to some effort to put my problems right. I prefer a firm who causes a problem and then puts it right to one who never causes a problem actually! You never know what will happen if there is finally a problem with the latter! It has resored my confidence and I will be using them again. They sell a good range of beauty products and have a fast delivery

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