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2J Commerce

Don't believe all you read

Over the past year we have learned a lot of valuable lessons on setting up an eCommerce site and the first one is never again use 2J Design. I am sure this will come as no surprise to them as I have already made my feeling known and in no uncertain terms.

So it’s interesting to read people have had 5 Star service off of this shower and wonder how many of them are authentic? If there were a minus stars they would get a -5

The site is still not working properly and we have spent a fortune trying to put things right. The amount of money spent would have been better scrapping the original one by 2J Design and starting again.

I have found the Managing director rude and arrogant and the admin staff totally incompetent.

Now it’s back to spending even more money as their configurations are not correct on our checkout…………… Why after a year are we still having problems?

So if you really want a headache and a pig in a poke then the only company I can recommend is 2J Design as they really know how to mess thing up with style.

25 September 2012

Reply from 2J Commerce

Its a real shame to see such a review on here from someone who received so much help from us even when deciding to move to another supplier, your site was developed and built in full working order. We received emails from you stating that customers were having problems checking out, when investigating this we found that no-one had tried to purchase on the website and the few that had, successfully ordered.

We checked all your requests on email and responded fast to each, most of which were down to a miss understanding of the system, if you are still having issues with this we will be more than happy to assist even though your choice was to move to another supplier.

We pride ourself on aftersales service and free support and our many reviews on various trust sites show this, to accuse our clients of false reviews is out of order, and I guarantee all will vouch for us.

I'm quite shocked to see this after our last conversation was that you wished to move away, my last email was stating we were more than happy to assist you in the transfer and give free advice to your new supplier to bring them upto speed with your system and offer any help they need. In which your reply was "Thankyou very much, I will let you know if I need anything"

If your new supplier cannot fix any issues in your site and causing problems I will be more than happy to fix anything or advise them as previously stated, if you are having problems we do not want this for anyone and more than happy to help you out and sort any problems you are having with the Magento platform.

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