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Fast and friendly service

I took me less then 48 to get my passport renewed. I recommend everyone use Very nice service staff that helped me along


I am hooked

I am hooked on facebook. The problem is i don't like the adds then run on the side. I also think the games are great. If you dont have facebook get it


Overpriced poor made

Paid $70 for one dress and when it got here i was very disappointed with the quality of the material. The only good thing was the free shipping


Good product but SLOW shipping

It took over 2 weeks for me to get my package. Shipping was expensive. If you want free shipping you have to spend over $60 i don't like that. I needed a pair of new heels for a birthday party and the shipping was almost as much as the heel. Also i when i called i was told my package is on the way there is nothing we can do. Only reason i gave a second star was they have cute styles


Shipping takes forever

It took me 3 weeks get my order. When i clledcostomer service they were very friendly.It didnt matter becouse they could not help me and i was left feeling helpless for 2 more weeks wondering if i would ever get mystuff. I will give them a 2nd star becouse oftheresit layout it isvery user friendly


Great site

I love etsy just used it for the first time last week. I recomend everyone check out etsy. It is the best place to find the best deal at the lowest prices.My favorite thing is all of the vintage sellers.

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The site is fantastic but i wish they would run a sale

I only wish they would run a sale sometime so the rest of us who are not made of money could afford to buy apple product. I willsay the site is user friendly.


Very rude

Ill never forget it.Was trying on heels in a forever21 size 8 and ask if it came in a 8.5 i was told we are out of 8.5 you should just get these size 9s. And that my foot was to fat for a 8.5 anyways.
That was a year ago and i have not been back and never will go back!


cheap shoes

I got my BF a pair of shoes from there site. After 2 weeks he needed new shoes again.


Way too over priced

All of there products are cheaper on other sites.I called customer service and when i finaly got someone on the phone and asked if they could match a price they just hung up on me. What i hate most is they post shoes on FB then i spend an hr looking for it on the site, then 15 more mins on hold to have a customer service girl tell me that those shoes wont be in for 2 months. What do they just take pictures at a shoe show and if it gets enough likes they order it?

-thanks for wasting my time

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Love it

I dont shop online anymore until i have read the trustpilot reviews of the company. Iam finding that problems i have had with companies others have had too and that i could save time and money if i just read the reviews on here before i order anything

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Out of Date

Myspace was good about 7 years ago but not that i am on FB i do not use it anymore.


Cost to much

This site has the right idea, but they need to figure out how to make it cheaper. Normal people and small companys cannot afford use the best options the site has

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great customer service

I had a few problems with theitems that i ordered.I called there customer service and they couldn't have been nicer to me. All problems were solved in a short time.


Love the prices

Love how cheap some items are and i also like that shipping is cheap.I didnt like that it took so long for me to get my package. Overall it went well and iwill be ordering again


Not enough choices

I can always find 1 thing i want to order but never a second. And i dont like there sales buy 1 get 1 half off. What if i want three pairs of shoes not four? Just give me a discount on the whole site like other companies do. The price is also a little high, and so is shipping.


Easy to use

This site is so user friendly.I love when i am watching a movie cant think of where i saw an actor before.I just IMDB it and get all the info.


waste of time

I dont get it,tomany people have to much time on there hands.People tweet about nothing at all and people still follow them? Am i missing something?


I love skype

This is one of the greatest things ever.I love talking to my sister who lives in NY face to face.I feel like we still live together and have not missed anything.It is amazing seeing her everyday


Best search ever

I can always find what i am looking for if i just google it! Everyone should use google.


Youtube is fun

I love watching videos of the cutest cats evey watch my mittens chace a fake mouse it will be worth it


sexy shoes evey

I would give 5 stars if the price was better. Itis not really free shipping if you over charge me for my shoes

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tastey pizza

I love this place and the drive was so nice.Iordered and it only took 20mins to get my food

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