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Price was great, code arrived couple minutes after payment.

Cannot fault it. Price was great, code arrived couple minutes after payment.


DO NOT USE! If problem is not listen on their website don't send for diagnostic

My iPhone 4S have common problem with grayed out wifi, chip needs replacement. I've phoned before sending for repair to check if they do this kind of repair, I was told *YES* they do, just pick or wifi antena replacement or diagnostic on their website. So I did pick diagnostic. "Specialist" said they don't replace chip but can change my battery... There is nothing wrong with battery it is being drained by faulty chip mr "specialist"! Now to get my phone back I need to pay 10£? For what? For them saying they can fix it and wasting my time and money? Of course now I heard they never said they would fix wifi chip...

17 December 2013

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We would not have offered to fix the wifi connection as this is an unrepairable problem. We still offer repairs on devices with greyed out Wi-Fi as the device can still be used on 3G and for all other functions. We offered a battery replacement as the device was loosing power very quickly. This repair was authorised by yourself and was an optional repair. The £10 fee is to cover admin and postage cost as this is a very time consuming process.

Pentagon Vauxhall

The best buying experience so far.

Really surprised with negative reviews. Had really bad experience with my local Nissan dealer in Scotland so decided a 200 miles trip to Shefield Vauxhall might be worth it... and it was. Not just the price was over 10% better than locally, Catherine Cousin was great to deal with. Buying a car over the phone/email went more smooth than face to face where I live. Catherine knew answers to almost all my questions about car and if she didn't she would find out and phone back in few minutes. As I got EU driving licence it turned out finance papers cannot be procesed on weekend. Thank god she checked it, so I didn't had to drive 400 miles for nothing, not to mention I could colect my car 1 day earlier! I like taking care of my car and I can tell this car was well prepared, there were no dents or micro scratches on paint.


best exchange rates if you not in a hurry

Best exchange I could find with only 1£ fee. It takes 2-3 working days so if you not in a hurry this is the best place to send your money.

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