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A tale of two halves

I had me eyes tested at a small local Opticians but they didn't have any frames I liked so I decided to visit the Vision Express Preston store. I found some Oakley frames that I liked and due to the two for one offer I managed to pick up some sunglasses also (although the choice of free 2nd pair was pretty poor). The service was excellent at that point, friendly and attentive, and I was told that the Oakleys would have to be sent away for the lenses to be fitted and I would be called when they arrived back. I was told that Oakley gave a two week lead time on this but in reality it was usually quicker.

I went away happy and 10 days later I decided to ring the store as I had not heard from them. After a couple of minutes of holding the lady informed me that the glasses had arrived and I could pop in anytime during the next day. This left me wondering how long they been at the store!

The next day I arrived at the store to be greeted by a rather abrupt girl asking if I had an appointment. She then attempted to get another member of staff to dispense my glasses but when this failed she did it herself. I learnt that this girl was from the Blackpool store after I overheard her talking to someone looking for a job (again in a very abrupt manner) - it seemed like the Preston store was understaffed.

On being presented with my new Oakley glasses I had to ask for the lenses to be cleaned. She brought out a grubby tissue and attempted to clean them. After handing them back I informed her that they still had grease marks on so she repeated her 'cleaning' and then handed them back saying that the only thing on them now was the fluff from the tissue!!

After this she handed me the sunglasses which were also dirty but rather than ask her I cleaned them myself. During this time the assistant was flitting about and I didn't have any sense that I was important to them as a customer. When she came back I asked her to alter the sunglasses so that they sat straight which she did. If she had been doing her job correctly she should have picked this up herself.

Before I left I asked if they could write down my eye distance so that I could buy some sports glasses on line. This was met with referral to the manager and talk of a request in writing. The upshot was that this wasn't their normal practice but in this instance they would give me 'my' information on the understanding that I couldn't blame them if an online order wasn't correct. I assured them that I wasn't interested in coming back to them but I would like the information they held about me.

I find it very difficult to recommend the Preston store of vision express to anybody as my experience is that once they have your money they are not interested. This maybe just one staff member but companies should prioritise their training as one rogue staff can ruin a reputation and loose you trade. I was considering them for Laser Eye Surgery at one point so I am very relieved I didn't go through with it now.

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