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Simply Electronics Ltd.

No camera in the end but got my refund :)

Seems strange that some people order with no problems and a good time delivery but for others like me we are still waiting. :/ I ordered a camera on the 16th August and my order is still getting ready? I have rung twice the first time was told would be dispatched that week, the second time told there was now backlog of orders and no idea when it would be dispatched..what is going on? to start off with I thought this company was Australian but after I happen to search this company all these bad reviews came up and now I wonder if I ever get my camera at all? There is no communication at all if there was any issues with stock it is basically we are stuck in limbo and have to do the chasing please send my camera I would so hope I get it before Christmas at least!

13/9 - Thanks Vanessa for your response, was hoping it would be here before this weekend so I can take pictures of my niece but alas my status is still at 'order being made ready' hope be posted tomorrow as stated this is too long of a wait......

20/9 - The same story still 'order is getting ready' I am over trying to chase this up like I have been doing again this week if my order isn't sent by Tuesday next week I will go higher... this is ridiculous and beyond a joke :(

8/10 - For the last two weeks it has a status of waiting to be picked by courier...I have asked for a refund then I get email telling me it will be sent this week, well if its not posted by Wednesday I will be trying to get that refund!

12/10 - Lodged a complaint with kwickchex to which they replied straight away and was happy to help me get my refund. I got my refund 22/10

Just disappointed about the whole thing was really looking forward to getting the camera I ordered so hope they get their act together and start delivering.

10 September 2012

Reply from Simply Electronics Ltd.

Dear Joanne,

Apologies for the delays, however to do expect to ship you item this week. This will be done with free express shipping services to minimize delays.


Vanessa Carroll

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