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AVOID AT ALL COSTS! Absolutely Dreadful.

Told delivery would be anytime on Saturday 22nd September. At the end of the day no delivery, tracking number doesn't work on their site and unable to find a telephone contact number anywhere on their site.
Another ghost company that has no respect for their customers. Will never, ever use again.



I've never had such a dreadful time than when speaking with the Customer Service of FragranceX. I was promised Free Shipping, but then it was charged to my bill. When I rang customer Services to find out what had happened, I was held on the phone each time for over 20 minutes before being spoken to. Over the following three phone calls (with Sarah, Louisette and Megan, oddly all sounding like the same girl) I was either hung up on, told I was a liar and eventually, when I asked to speak with a manger I was refused, and then when I asked for the name of the CEO I was hung up on again. These really are the rudest people I've ever come across. They seemed to be taking great pleasure from trying to make me angry - I stayed calm and collected through the whole experience, but was very shaken by their sheer audacity.
Eventually my friend found the name of the CEO. I wrote to him and he refunded all my money, but never acknowledged or apologised for his frightful staff.
I will never use this company again. Never had an experience like it for blatant rudeness and frustration. Please pay attention to the other reviews - this is a truly nasty company.

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David Bethell
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