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Shocking, bad service, careless, don't care about their customers

After already struggling with the website after they had problems, I decide to push through and order the items I wanted anyway.

Everything seemed fine until the items were delivered when I noticed they had invoiced me to a completly different item on my account which I double checked and instead of receiving an ADULT Prince Pink Hybrid tennis racket, I received a cheap kiddy red and yellow tennis racket. Definitely not correct and very different to what my account on reflected.

I double checked the account which still said I had ordered a ADULT Prince Pink Hybrid tennis racket so I called and complained and they did not care! They told me it was not their issue I had to send it back wait up till 10 days for this to be processed before I would have to wait an additional 2-3 working days before my item came out to me.

This is outrageous when you expect an item to be with you as described, paid for, and promised within a time scale. I needed this for a tournament and instead have to wait almost 2 weeks for the right one to come back to me for no fault of my own.

Not only this, but their website was down for 24 hours and I struggled to find their customer service number to call. Following this I messaged them on Facebook and Twitter and not only did they just give me the number the decided to further ignore my comments and block me from further commenting.

I feel not only did I get completely ignored as a customer but got treated awfully and as if my order did not matter.

NEVER trust that you will get the right items and on time as everything with this business is lucky dip, including the customer service - just VERY bad service

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