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3 out of 4 items never delivered!

Thats right, I purchased 4 different items from KGB Deals and 3 of them never were delivered!! I purchased an iPod car Transmitter...never received. I purchased jewelry...never received. I purchased an iPhone Clutch Wallet...never received. After I did finally get a refund for the transmitter, thats when I gave them the benefit of a doubt because I know things happen and could possibly get lost in the mail...So I ordered 2 more times. Worst idea ever. These purchases were the jewelry and wallet that I have yet to recieve. They also refuse to give a refund! I have asked multiple times to get refunded but they assure me that the items are being shipped. When I asked for a tracking number for the jewelry, they said the merchant didn't provide one because of the small size but, funny, when I kept emailing about how I still hadn't received them and wanted my refund, miraculously they were able to muster up a tracking number and said the delivery was received. Pretty much calling me a liar because, no, I still did not get it! They told me to go see my local post office for now I am supposed to go drive to hunt down my package I purchased that was supposed to be delivered to my door? I don't think so! What company says that?! I want my refund and still waiting for an email response.
Maybe theres package stealing fairies around my house that I didn't know about that only want to steal items shipped from KGB Deals... because clearly, they didn't want anything else that was ever shipped to me by other companies. Clearly, there is no reason for me to lie about a package not shipped.

I want nothing to do with this KGB Deals and will pass along this awful experience! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. Use Groupon!...they are awesome and their customer service is great!

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