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Premier Inn

Difficult To Improve Upon Perfection!

For the first time ever, I stayed in a Premier Inn, now my experience is related specifically to Trafford Centre West, Manchester.
From arrival to check-out I cannot fault any aspect of the experience. The whole process was swift and professional. Each and every member of staff I met during my all too brief stay were friendly, warm and welcoming, each had a smile and a hello. These small things make a huge difference.

Not that I needed it but the car park was spacious, which is worth knowing if ever I needed to break a long journey by car.

The overall room rate I paid was £29.00, this was part of a summer promotion and for the cost of this room, I didn't expect what I got.

A large spacious, comfortable, clean and well equipped room with 30 minutes of free Wi-fi. The bed was one of the best I've ever slept in and the shower was terrific. Tea and coffee making facilities were included and very welcome.

I didn't have time to make use of the other facilities like bar and restaurant but a quick glance and the menu and the prices seemed a little pricey.

The Premier Inn was just a short walk from the retail mecca that is the Trafford Park and also a short walk to a main bus station that has a range of buses all going into central Manchester and all passing Old Trafford, the home of Manchester United.

As I said, I cannot fault any aspect of this brief stay and would recommend this particular Premier Inn without any hesitation and in this day and age of complaints and moans that is high praise indeed.

On this occasion, it was truly difficult to improve upon perfection..

T Mobile

What you agree to isn't what you get.

I received an iPad for Christmas. It is one that has wi-fi and a cellular connection.
I'm already with EE, which is an amalgam of Orange and T-Mobile. I enquired from Orange as a loyal and longstanding customer what deals could be obtained for a SIM only data plan. I already have an iPhone contract which costs me £43.00 per month. Their answer was no preferential deals are available.

I searched on the internet and found a £5 per month, 30 day rolling contract for 1GB of data specialically for tablets. I signed up for this via T-Mobile and waited for my SIM only card to be delivered. Within 48 hours the card arrived. I inserted this into my iPad and was happy.

Today, I received their first bill, which stated that the £5.00 per month deal would cost me £7.50. It seems that even though I have paperwork from them saying that I would only pay £5.00 per month inclusive of VAT, they are charging a basic fee of £6.25 plus extras which takes the bill up to £7.50.

Sorry, I signed up to a £5.00 a month deal inclusive of VAT and so I'd like to know why this is being charged at a further 50% per month? I have requested clarification from them via their twitter account and await a reply.

Interesting when I am asking them about their services that might make them money they appear very quick to reply to a tweet but when it is of a critical nature, you wait for an eternity for a reply.

As far as I'm concerned, I have emailed paperwork that states one thing and their posted paperwork states another. This, in my opinion, means they are in breach of their own contractual obligations and have null and voided their own contracts.

Be wary and warned that T-Mobile may state one thing on their site but in reality they take you for a mug.

Even Dick Turpin wore a mask!!

Since posting this review of T-Mobile's services, I have had 2 tweeets explaining the reasons why my initial bill might be higher. Yet no mention of this when signing up to the £5 per month service. However, you look at it a one month rolling contract should charge you from the moment the SIM is inserted for 30 days. Where they factor in a six week charging period for a 30 day rolling contract is difficult to explain!

Has Trustpilots review anything to do with this sudden urgency to communicate?!

I'll await to see if what they explain comes to fruition.

19th April 2013.

Well I've given up! The whole process, as promised by T-Mobile from the outset, failed to materialise and so I have cancelled my contract.

Each month when the bill came it required me to waste valuable hours on the phone calling them to have the situation corrected yet again. A situation they had assured me had been resolved when last speaking to them.

Getting an issue resolved required speaking to numerous personnel and none would accept responsibility for the issue that was of T-Mobiles making and not mine.

Waiting listening to endless music and watching the minutes ticking away before you even speak to a human being only increases the annoyance levels. The waiting in line endlessly to speak to someone in cancellations doesn't reflect too well on your service either!

A word of advice to T-Mobile staff, the only reason people call you up to complain is because you T-Mobile got something wrong. So please be respectful to your customers. Listen to what they're saying and act upon it. Doing that will ensure that the calls you receive complaining are fewer and further between.

Goodbye T-Mobile, it sadly hasn't been a pleasure!

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The Snugg Embodies Perfection

When you purchase an iPad, you are making a costly purchase. In keeping with that you want to ensure that you maintain that product in excellent condition. I searched around a great deal and saw a range of iPad covers that offer protection but I wanted one that offered protection coupled with a classy design.

I read a range of reviews and all stated that TheSungg offered exceptional quality. I opted for the Snugg iPad 4 Case Cover and Flip Stand in Black PU Leather at a cost of £29.99. I was fortunate that when I ordered this there was an offer on that when bought with another item attracted a further 20% discount.

I purchased the cover with a Snugg 2 in 1 Silver Stylus Writing Pen. The combined purchase attracted a further saving of £8.00 on top of their already competitively priced products.

Within 5 days of ordering the product one of which was a bank holiday, I took delivery of the items ordered. Upon opening the packaging I knew that I would not be disappointed with the items purchased.

This is a well crafted, well designed cover and is beautiful in look and feel. It has the added function of placing the iPad in sleep mode when you close the cover. The cover fits the new iPad 4 with Lightening connection perfectly with easy access to all the important function switches.

I couldn't be happier with my purchases. I would have no hesitation in recommending for both their outstanding range of beautifully crafted and designed products but for their exceptional customer service.

If you're looking for excellence then embodies perfection at an affordable price.


CashBack you're the TOPS!

After registering with TopCashBack, I thought that this is a site I would occasionally visit but I soon found that nearly all of the retail sites I would normally purchase from were represented here.

It is easy to use and the search facility is quick and very effective. Search for a specific product and the site presents a range of retailers and also tells you where you could earn the greater cash back.

In the past, I would normally obtain the products I required directly from the merchandisers site but now I shop and get money back on many of my everyday purchases.

The money easily and quickly mounts up and they even have promote sites that pay you to search and the bonus of having it paid into your bank account or in Amazon vouchers, makes this site convenient, safe and an absolute must.

In truth, if like me, you do tend to buy items on the internet either for yourself or for others, then this site is the nearest you can get to being paid to shop. Let's be honest this is FREE money.

I cannot recommend it more highly, CashBack you're the TOPS!

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