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Amazing service for a low cost airline!!

We flew out last week from Manchester to Faro. Im not going to lie to you, When I found out we were flying with Jet 2 i was very unsetted.

But I honestly eat my words! The Service on the way there was top notch, they could not of helped us enough, it was a very smooth flight and the pilot was very good and kept us updated with where we were, our hight, how many mph we were going. The Food on flight was amazing and is better then my own cooking!

At Faro we walked away with out picking our pram of the carasol in the airport and dident relise untill we got to our villa, When we went to the airport to return home, when our bording card got scanned, there was a note on the system telling us to go to customer sales desk and pick up the pram, this ofcorse was a amazing service.

On the flight back we were delayed but once again our pilot was very helpfull in giving us infomation. The only concern I had with Jet 2 is the cabin crew on the way back, they messed our meals up and when we were looking through the duty free and noticed some cigeretts, we wanted to ask one of the crew if they had any on board and when we seen a crew walking towards us on the plane, we politly stoped her and asked if they did, They reply we had was "if you wait and you take notice around you im serving, wait your turn and read the book it clearly states that we do not sell when we are flying within the E.U" rather p'eed of ofcorse i scanned the duty free book and IT CLEARLY STATES that they are sold when in the E.U.

When we landed and left the airport, we then noticed we left a handluggage on the plane, within half a hour we recived a phone call of Jet 2 telling us our bag is on the way to my house by courier.

Apart from that quabble with the cabin crew what a truly amazing service and will use again!!

and can I also add the comfort of the seats are amazing as well as the leg room!

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