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Helpful until they have taken your money

Long story please read!

I booked a fly drive with dialaflight for myself and my husband which included flights to Buffalo, car hire 4 nights in a hotel and return flights from Orlando 14 days later it took a lot of tooing and frowing as I checked flights on skyskanner and made sure that I was getting a great deal which I did. They took £200 deposit from us. Then after a bad family holiday we felt guilty leaving the children so we called and asked if we could carry the deposit over and change the holiday to a family of 5 3 weeks in orlando with car hire, this was a lot more expensive and he jumped at the chance to change this holiday, he took a further £200 deposit. He was very helpful again calling a few weeks later to inform me that great flights had come available direct wit BA but it was a little more expensive we chatted a little and decided to change the dates to April rather than December as the weather was better but this would be more expensive and this time he too £300 further deposit now I have paid £700 deposit and still have £5,200 to pay.

Then disaster hit, I lost my job. I called my helpful agent to enquire if we could down grade to a 2 week holiday instead of 3 and stay in a cheaper accommodation...this is when the help stopped, he informed me that the price would actually go up!! That's funny as I have looked online and can knock it down almost £2000? he went on to tell me that the accommodation I have found is not suitable and that skyskanner flight are not true prices even though I went right to the point of entering card details! He them made up some rubbish about how it is not like for like so he cannot carry the deposit over so their is cancellation charge of £700 it was rubbish excuse after rubbish excuse.

I lost my deposit and booked a much cheaper holiday with a different company. I would not use again!

26 September 2013

Reply from

We believe we have traced your booking from the information above but have been unable to trace any contact made by you with DialAFlight’s Customer Care Team to suggest that you were unhappy. DialAFlight is sympathetic to anyone losing their job and will always do its best to help. However you omit to mention that you asked for your booking to be amended on at least three occasions over a 7 month period with DialAFlight offering you the best flight, car and hotel prices for the dates in question. You say yourself that you were “making sure I was getting a great deal which I did”. A £200 deposit was retained initially for 2 adults for a trip in November. You then added 3 children and changed the dates to the Christmas period so additional deposits were required. So the final total paid was £400 ( 5 deposits of £80). We are not sure why you suggest you lost £700 as we have no record of receiving any other payment from you. DialAFlight made all the alterations as and when you requested them, each time only quoting the airfare differences and associated car and hotel costs applicable for the new peak dates of choice. I trust you can therefore understand that a simple reduction in the holiday duration at these times will not necessarily result in lower flight prices. Hotels and car hire would also have to be upgraded to accommodate a family of 5 and would be more expensive over a peak holiday period.

Bedroom Pleasures

Would not use again!!!

I have never bought sex toys in my life as i'm shy and find going into a shop even Ann Summers embarrassing so I decided to order something online. I placed my order on 23rd August (16 days ago) 3 day delivery option. I received an email entitled "order process" and that was the last I heard from this company.I have had no despatched notice, I cannot log in to track the order as I did not make an account. I have sent emails which have been ignored, I am embarrassed about ringing up but I have tried 3 times and have just got answering machine.

Lots of people will be too embarrassed to chase it up or report them so they get money for nothing! .....Thank god i did not spend a lot of money.

Update: managed to get through on the phone just now 10th September, was told the item was out of stock and it will be sent today!! lets see how that goes then! I wont hold my breath..

Update: the item finally arrived a few days later.

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