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Magnetic Therapy Ltd

The product does what they say it will . I will recommend to a friend

I started with the knee strap due to am arthritis and it worked like magic, I have now got the back strap, another knee support for extra, and also three bangel and three rings. Why is this product not promoted by the government so the people can stop suffer unnecessary pain while taking pain killers that will even contribute to their problem due to their side effect.


My son can now jog again thanks to physioroom

Iwas really depressed due to the pain that my son suffered in his heel. my son is a competive tennis player but due to the pain he lost so many point and went down in his ranking, he was also penalise by LTA because he had to withdraw in a match due to the pain, but thanks to physioroom I was able to buy night splint and air cast which was delivered immediately I ordered them and now he is back playing tennis again.

The only area I am disappointed is the items I returned were not refunded back to my account until I started chasing them with phone call this was over two week after they have received the items which was really bad. I ordered over £300.00 worth of items from them because I was so stressed and confused and I do not know what was really going to work for my son. I am not a rich woman am just a desperate mother that want her son to get better quickly

Titilola and thanks for your order´s profile

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