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Simply great !

I've been using Tesco direct for years so there has to be a reason for that ? That reason is because I`ve never had any issue`s with there customer service even when there has been a fault or issue with an item they have been more than helpful in rectifying the problem along with being in a professional and courteous manor . If your looking at buying from tesco direct then don`t hesitate because I buy regularly from them because I trust there prices and after sales customer service 100% .Every company on this planet has there off day and Tesco`s maybe are no acception on the odd occasion but I`ve never had a problem with them ever so I would recommend them . Thank you... MaxsoundCarAudio


Complete waste of money ( better of with free view and a smart tv )

Why pay £26.00 - £60.00 a month if your happy with 4-5 main channels with HD and about 60-70 other channels to choose from for free with free view !Free view and free sat give most of us enough channels all for FREE FREE FREE and to be honest if your watching sky without HD then the picture is awful unlike free view which has great pic quality even without the HD SO REALLY FREE SAT AND FREE VIEW ARE A NO BRAINER against crappy sky tv .Ever tried to get through to sky via phone ? lmao what a joke as it takes for ever and you get charged for it for the privilege . Sky is simply to expensive now and your much better off with a smart tv ( LG do some really nice led tv`s ) having free view and free sat built in along with wifi , net flicks etc etc etc .Sky tv is history and with them pumping up the price for all us or was customers it`s only the new customers who get any kind of deal so " UP YOURS SKY LMAO "


Simply the best deals and customer service 100%

We have bought many products from superfi simply because of there great customer service and best prices .Thank you.


Avoid and join tesco moble instead

O2 have to be the most useless company EVER ! It`s not the signal that`s the issue in most cases but the awful customer service and very high prices of tariffs .I was with o2 for a year and the customer service I must say was CRAP , along with over priced tariffs and NO customer loyalty deals what so ever either ? I found out that Tesco mobile run off the back of o2 so I contacted Tesco mobile and not only was there customer service 100% better there tariffs were half the price of o2 ( 4000 text , 1000 anytime , any network mins , 1gb data just £10.00 a month ) so how does that work o2 eh ? mmm I wonder ? Anyway I`m with Tesco mobile now and very happy with there customer service and virtually no waiting time to speak to a customer adviser ( unlike o2`s half hour wait every time ) O2`s signal to be fair is all ok on average but as for everything else forget it , just go with Tesco Mobile for sure .Thank you.

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Avis at pahos airport are simply fantastic

We used Avis for the 1st time this year at paphos airport and credit where it`s due this company / staff were great in giving us perfect customer service with a smile and a very fast speedy service indeed .Don`t be put off with Avis being situated just round the corner from the airport in the top car park as there pick up taxi to the Avis branch is so prompt and on time it`s just minutes before your given your keys to your nice clean car all ready to go and with such helpful staff it really does complete the holiday perfectly .We recommend Avis at paphos airport 100% to anyone and try booking through carhire 3000 / Traveljigsaw as we had a great deal for 2 weeks car hire at just £250. and with full excess waiver .

StressFreeParking - Meet and Greet

Simply the perfect customer service you can get

We as most people probably were thinking mmm? meet and greet ?
Well we thought what if they weren`t there when we arrived or there to give us our car back etc etc but to our amazement they were 100% fantastic from start to finish .We phoned them 10 mins before just to let them know we were near the airport and they very helpfully guided us to the drop off point ( on our hands free kit of course ! ) then we were greeted by a very helpful chap who even could direct us to where our check in desk was !On our return it was the same great service again so anyone thinking of using the meet and greet service at Birmingham airport go right ahead as it`s a great service to use and half the price of most taxi`s when traveling over 45 miles .We will defiantly use this service again next year so well done guys for making our holiday complete 100% from all of us at MaxsoundCarAudio Uk


It`s in the name , complete bunch of monkeys !

Yep I`m afraid if your thinking of using parcel monkey SIMPLY DON`T BOTHER !Parcel monkey ! should be monkeys handling parcels as not only does the courier not even turn up to collect they don`t even bother to let you know there not coming !It`s a company run by monkeys and with the brains and service of one .Do yourself a huge favour and use a different courier because this one sucks banana`s .


Simply great service

We`ve had a few phones from phones4u now wether it be off the internet or in one of there shops but never had any problems with the company what so ever and to be honest wish to congratulate them on a 1st class service on an order we placed yesterday and received this morning so howz that for speed!

We have had the odd one or two faulty phones in the past to be fair but that`s not phones4u`s fault in any way but they did resolve the problem in record speed !

We live in shropshire and as a rule go to the UNIT B, HEREFORD RETAIL PARK, NEWTON ROAD HR4 9LH HEREFORD, HEREFORDSHIRE as the customer service here is simply perfection and have gone out of there way on many occasions to help us in choosing the best phone so well done to all the team at the hereford retail park branch and many thanks from all of us at MaxsoundCarAudio Uk ...



Orange have to be the worst mobile phone company ever !Rubbish signal ( since EE ) ,customer service advisors that you can`t understand , Rubbish customer service , Rubbish offers oh and they just luuurrrve to mess up your account then over charge you and won`t refund you the money they took !Who in the right mind wants this kind of service ? I changed to o2 and wow what great service 100% throughout !I have just experienced the worst customer service you could ever imagine!
How does some company ( orange ) remove nearly three times the monthly charge amount from your bank account for a cock up they made and admitted to and then say we won`t refund you but keep the money instead and use it to pay off your orange bill in the near future ?
Along with swopping my tariffs over and changing my password without my even knowing ?
This is exactly what orange have just done to me so if let`s say they take most of your wages from you because of a mistake orange made then that will leave you completely skint all over xmas because they WON`T give it you back because of there terrible ( **** ) company policy !
Surely there must be a law about taking money from your own account by mistake and not returning it ?
If it`s not a rubbish orange signal it`s awful customer service and taking your money because of a serious mistake by orange and then NOT giving you it back is disgusting in all area`s !
You have been warned as this is a 100% true incident which happened to me on the 26/11/2012 ...
The simple solution to avoid rubbish customer service and having money removed from your bank account and then not returned is to NOT JOIN ORANGE !!!!!
As for EE ha yeah right ! lmao more like NN ... naff all nowhere!

City Link

One word " CRAP ! "

Completly useless company who decide to deliver when they can be bothered so our advice is simply don`t bother with them!


Simply perfection broadband at it`s best!

Not sure why some others have left poor reviews about talktalk as we have never had any problems with them what so ever !
We used to be on orange broadband which was about as much use as a canoe with a hand brake and broadband speed was a joke at just 3.5 meg and a connection called THE DAILY LEFTNET lol !
Soon as we left orange broadband because of the bull **** WE KEPT ON HEARING ABOUT BEING TO FAR FROM THE EXCHANGE AND BEING AN OLD LINE ( yeah right ! ) we went over to TalkTalk and everything was so simple and easy to do we thought what`s the catch?
NO CATCH just solid reliable broadband at strangely enough 7.5-8.5 meg now as TalkTalk give you solid connection and not shared with half the flippin country .
Thank you so much TalkTalk for providing a good service and sorry to anyone who has not recieved the same 1st class service we have as there is usually a reason behind it and two sides to every story !
I would recommend TalkTalk to all my friends as half my family are on TalkTalk and we run our business on the TalkTalk broadband network with not a single glitch ever !Many thanks from all @ MaxsoundCarAudio Uk

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