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Should have checked their rating here first :(

Made the mistake of ordering from this outfit a few weeks ago, still haven't received my order, I'm almost sure they have no-one manning their phones as nobody ever answers no matter how long I wait or what time I ring and they don't appear to want to answer emails either. Going to give it a few more days then speak to my CC company to get my money back.


Why can't I give zero stars?

I've had the misfortune of dealing with HSBC for many years and once in a blue moon, when you ring them, you'll get through to a call centre in the UK and you might find your call is dealt with satisfactorily.

Unfortunately the majority of the time your call/web note/email ends up being dealt with in some third world backwater by people who couldn't give a stuff about your enquiry. It's almost like they know they're having to deal with your request because HSBC are misers and not because they have anything that could be remotely interpreted as people skills.

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Fast Lad

Consistantly fast, error free shipping.

I've placed a few orders with fast-lad over the years, normally I end up buying cheap chinese heli-clones and parts and end up buying genuine items from when the former turn out to be rubbish. They've always shipped the same day and I've always received the next. It's good to have a company that are consistant like this, prevents me having to wait around the house wondering when stuff is going to arrive.

Need to start looking at the quality of the items they sell

Ordered a case for my SGS3 recently, ended up having to bin it as the buttons recesses are so badly moulded they turn the phone on and off and the volume up and down if you so much as look at the screen. It also appears to have two holes in the back of the case which shouldn't be there, the headphone socket hole isn't lined up and it rips the back off the phone whenever you remove it. I wish I could say it was the first problem I've experienced with this company but the last case I ordered was also damaged.

Managed to mess up first order

Ordered a Nilfisk extension tube, confirmed in order receipt email. Later received a despatch email telling me they're sending me a padlock instead, tried to find phone number to ask them to sort their mess out but there isn't on on their site!

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