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This is about the Basingstoke Jessops store.

I had the worst customer experience of my life at Jesspos Basingstoke. Please avoid this store.

On arriving to pick up pictures that should have been ready the day before, the sales staff didn't seem to know what he was doing and was searching through dirty plastic boxes on the floor. After searching for about 20 minutes he asked the manager, who was too busy too answer him properly. I was with my wife who is nine months pregnant and we didn't have the time to hang around so just asked for a refund as it was clear the pictures hadn't been printed.

We were told only the manager could issue a refund but was too busy at that time so we decided to return to the store later.

We returned around 40 minutes later. On asking for the refund we were quite rudely told no refund can be given as the pictures had been printed. (What they had done is printed them while we were away in the 40 minutes) We argued that they should have been ready yesterday and the service was not what we had paid for. He insisted that no refund would be given and demanded we take the pictures (which were no where to be seen at this point).

I decided to call him up on the pictures and he went and took them off the printer! Not from an envelope so it was obvious they had just been printed. I inspected the pictures, some were badly smudged, they were still warm from coming out of the printer and the finish was gloss and not lustre as I had requested.

I said this is just not acceptable I want my money back. The manager then said if you don't take the photos are you saying I can have them and I can do what I like with them. I raised my voice concerned at what he was suggesting saying no they are to be deposed of correctly (there were personal pictures in there including scans of our baby and photos of a friends wedding)

He THEN verbally threatened us that if we did not take the photos he would 'do what he likes with them'! Shocked and disgusted at such appalling customer service we left the store, telling him that we would be contacting head office about this, my wife was extremely upset.

We have complained but as of yet no photos, no refund and no apology - completely disgusting behaviour - please avoid this store.

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