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after being told by my parts insurace company to go and have my car checked out at Halfords In Ardwick manchester i turned up as pre-arranged and let them take my scenic for a test drive, i suspected a wheel bearing as all that was wron was a slight knocking from front near side of the car, when the assistant came bk with my vehicle he told me yes indeed i think its a wheel bearing!, i said well i will need to book it in asap as i have breakdown and parts cover for with my insurance policy, his eyes lit up and said one momment i must just have a word with the manager, he went outside then into the workshop, on his return he said yes we will have to book it in for you as you also have geabox and engine problems!, i said no i dont engine and gearbox are fine my machanic keeps my car running sweet and it gets all it needs ive only bought the car here as its coverd by my warranty, he insisted he couldnt get gears and the engine was running bad, on return to my vehicle i couldnt get 1st or 2nd gears the engine management system light was on and it was running awful! i asked him what he was playing at and what he had done to my car, he replied nothing thats how i got it and it will cost you over 1000 poiunds to fix! i couldnt believe my ears and was fuming so i asked to speak to a manager who i told was not available he was (hiding)....i managed to get my vehicle back to my friends garage who found they had unpugged a cable from the EMS and hid it away and also evidence they had jacked up the engine splitting the mountings on gearbox and engine! fuming i rang the area manager who wouldnt let me talk and even swore at me and called me a lier!....with no phisical evididance i cannot take this any further other than to warn others about the Ardwick Halfords in Manchester which i think should be shut down over there working practices! grrrr.

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