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Medisave UK Ltd

Cancel & Re-order

I ode red an item and specified the laser engraving. I was SO sure I entered the correct name, but on closing - saw the summary of order, and the engraved name was that of a previous order.
I immediately contacted them and asked for confirmation of the order - and if indeed wrong - make a correction.
They did answer quite prompt;y - but the only way to make a correction was to cancel the order completely, and re-enter.
Not a MAJOR issue, but inconvenient and "clunky"

06 January 2014

Reply from Medisave UK Ltd


Thank you for your comments and I am very sorry to hear about this. We have a very strict protocol regarding engraving simply to ensure that we do have the correct spellings, symbol requests etc.

As a goodwill gesture to apologise for you having to re-order, I am e-mailing you a discount coupon to use on your next order and please accept our sincere apologies.

Kind regards

Medisave Customer Services


No problems at all

The items were exactly as described - very well wrapped / protected, one more so than the other. Given that they were both Konstmide Xmas decorations I wondered if one had actually been previously opened.

Nonetheless - the were promptly shipped and worked perfectly. Each came with a spare lamp.

One great feature on the website would be for each such lamp to carry a link to the spare bulbs to be used with that kind of decoration. Such an easy / foolproof link might encourage buyers to purchase spares for a decoration that will be used for many years.
[Had an EXCELLENT reply to this - in essence, the makers were changing bulbs so often - you have to know year of manufacture of your product - so linking is an impossible task.]

01 January 2013

Reply from GardenSite

Good day WG,

Thank you for taking the tiume to review GardenSite so thoroughly. If you don't mind I will try and answer your 2 questions.

We do open a lot of the boxes we send out and indeed we also test some of the products. We also open some boxes to add packaging, especially around glass bulbs.

We used to link from every product to the relating spare bulb many years ago, and, as you suggested, it was very useful and successful. However, manufacturers started to change the bulbs, from one year to another, so a particular fibre optic tree would have a different spare bulb depending on the year of manufacture. And then they might change back, or change again a year or two later. If you buy a new product plus a spare bulb we can accomodate that (spare bulb to suit is what we term it) but if you simply want to buy the bulb for a product you purchased several years ago it gets a lot more complicated. We therefore adopted the strategy that we would simply line up all the spare bulbs we sell and ask you to check against the old bulb or on the back of the box. This way you get the right bulb first time.

I hope that has not been too long winded! Thank you again for your comments, very much appreciated.

Happy New Year.

Robert Hall / GardenSite


Goods OK - just don't expect prompt delivery

Ordering no problem - and then an e-mail about one day after that, that the goods were being shipped.
However - it then took more than a week for the goods to arrive after that e-mail.
I buy quite a lot of goods online, and two - three days in transit maybe, but never more than a week. Personally, I suspect that this early notice of the goods being shipped allows them to deduct the money from your bank.
Unless there is some great improvement in shipping performance, I will be buying elsewhere in future.

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