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Age Partnership

Customer Service at it's absolute best!!!

I would heartily recommend Age Partnership to anyone. Especially a lady who dealt with my case throughout. Kate Holden faced a difficult time obtaining my money from my previous company but dealt with the matter in a friendly professional manner. I cannot thank her enough. As I say, customer service at it's absolute best. Thank you Kate.


Please, don't judge us all by the minority

I felt I had to respond to all the complaints on this site. I am a neighbourhood courier, for Yodel. I do my best. If a parcel is not delivered, correctly, I do not get paid. Yodel is not to blame for ALL the faults. The drivers are, sometimes, to blame.Even customers can be to blame sometimes. I believe in customer service, having worked in this industry for over 30 years.I also believe that the minority spoil it for the majority. As in every walk of life. The vast majority of delivery drivers do their best to deliver the goods, on time and in good condition. I now know all my customers and believe that they have faith in me. If they have a problem, I am the first to take it up with the 'powers that be' and help resolve it. Please, don't label us all the same. Most of us do care. I go the 'extra mile' for my customers, as do most of us. I realise that many if not all of the people on this site have been treated badly, and, for that, I apologise.But, please remember, over 98% of our customers were treated well. If 2% failure is bad, vote well in the next election!!! Thank you for listening.

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