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Heubach Edelmetalle

when things go well they great, when you have problems then very bad

sadly due to that nature of reviews (that they take time to leave) most people only leave then when things go wrong this im guilty of too

i have placed 11 orders with the above site, for amounts in the area of £13k

10 of those order ware promptly shipped / delivered 3 - 4 working days after the site received my payment,

tho 1 of the orders was lost by either DHL or parcel force on the 22th (july) of last month, (witch i know has nothing to do with heubach-edelmetalle), tho the way my emails to it have been handled are truly poor customer service, and as of the 8th of this month (aug), have been ignored all together,

and altho im sure the outcome with be the order get resend in a few months, a little customer service when im asking to be kept update on whats going on wouldnt be to much to ask for an order worth just under £900

when things good well there good well when you need customer service, sadly there is non,

Cash My Fone

agree with all the other horrible reviews and agree tha the good reviews must be by cash my fone them selfs

sent them 2 phones, both new in box with all the add ons, one witch was even still sealed, they received them both on the 30th of aug, emailed about one of them saying it wasnt new so the price would be £0.00, (guess what one of the 2 that if was the sealed box one ok so hows a sealed box not new?) anyways asked for a retest as there TC's entitle you to do so, as for the second phone only had an email to say that received it 12 days ago

now the 11th and still awaiting replys (only doing emails not calling them not worth the charges for being on hold for hours) since the phones are sent ware only both £10 each

but do not use them, use [external reference] or other like instend or heck give to a friend if you have one that needs a phone might only get paid in beers but still better than nothing, witch is what you will get with cash my fone

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