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Brighton dissapointment

arrived at the spa and there were no parking facilities cheapest parking was £20.00 when we arrived at recpetion they had no idea we were coming neither did the lady at the actual spa the only people that new of our excisitance was the treatment room, the only use of the spa we had was the pool as everything else was out of use, we arrived for our champiagne after the spa and was welcomed with sparkling wine instead and only 2 bottles for 13 people. Arrived at hotel which we were told was a 10 minute walk from evening venue more like a 45 minute walk so had topay out for 3 taxis there and back costing more money.

Arrived at the club for our cocktail reception buffet and show instead all we got was a stamp on our hand no cocktail reception and no buffet and a show that was half way through as given in-correct times to arrive.

So onto the club thought it couldnt get must worse than that well oh yes it can the club was over 23 and most of the party were under 23 epic fail

Never use them again

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