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Was skeptical initially but overall a very good company/site.

I had heard of Quidco ages before I joined, but I thought it was some dodgy site claiming to give you money back on the stuff you buy anyway. Sounded too good to be true, so I didn't join until after a few friends confirmed it was legitimate.
Now I'm kicking myself for not having signed up sooner.

The discounts available you can generally find either direct with the retailer or on other voucher sites, so not necessarily a reason to join on it's own, but the addition of payback in combination with these discounts can often mean substantial savings.
The payback overall is of course only going to be a small fraction of what you spend, but can add up to quite a nice amount over the year. certainly enough to buy yourself some nice things without it coming out of your own pocket.

I have to say that overall I'm very satisfied and even quite impressed with this company, the list of retailers that offer payback is very extensive and even if the specific retailer you want is not covered by quidco, you can normally find a retailer who sells what you want that is. This means that aside from the odd occasion, almost anything you might want to buy will lead to a small return back to you.

You'd be silly not to make use of this.

Very competitive prices, with very fast delivery

As I order a bulk load of lenses because they are so cheap, I haven't really had to worry about getting lenses in the last year and hence my interactions with getlenses is limited! However, the service I have received has been unfaultable. Ordered and delivered within 2 days at a substantial saving (more than 50% cheaper than the high street in many cases). Not had any problems at all so far but then how hard is it to pack a few boxes into an envelope and pop them in the post. Will definitely continue to use this company


Product range, awesome! Company, not so much!

Huge range of brands/products, regular offers, so sometimes very good prices but otherwise priced similarly to most other companies.

I have place many orders with Mankind, their customer service can be quite poor if you have a problem. I've previously had to contact them numerous times over several days to resolve a problem and it was only after I threatened to make a claim with the payment company did they finally sort it out! I've also received goods that were covered in dirt and so had to clean them. But most of the time its a simple transaction.

I think this company was much better before they were bought out by The Hut Group, who I'm not a fan of.

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