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Scam artists

Service itself was functional - it got me to and from required destinations. But I paid for upgraded service - paying nearly double the standard service amount to avoid queues and multiple drops - but we received only standard service. So I complained using their requested procedure - and have heard nothing. Have followed up a few times with absolutely zero response - not even an acknowledgement. They've got my money so why should they care. Would not use again.

Electric Zebra

Could very well be a revelation!

As a long term smoker I was pretty sceptical of how good an "electric" cigarette could be. I figure if it smokes like a cigarette but doesn't have all the junk in there then it was worth a test. I wasn't too fussed about the look but the key thing was do you get a "hit" off it.

The answer is - YES! There's no escaping that it feels different to a real cigarette - obviously it's plastic, a bit bigger and a bit heavier. You do have to draw a bit harder but you do get a satisfying hit. The most remarkable bit though is the "smoke" - the water vapour mix that you exhale is very satisfying - it's a thick, rich mix that very closely resembles that of a cigarette.

I've only tried the standard / USA cartridge, but it tastes good. Obviously it's got a distinctive look that may not be in everyone's tastes, but in my book, it looks far better on the desk alongside my phone and laptop than a packet of cigarettes. And no tobacco mess in your pocket either!

Factor in that you don't stink and you can inoffensively smoke it inside / at home / in the car / at work / wherever and it more than makes up for the fact it's not a "real" cigarette.

I honestly see my attitude to smoking changing because of this thing. I'll no longer smoke because of a routine but more about enjoyment and relaxation. Top marks to the Zebra crew.

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