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Sorted eventually.

I recently placed an order on Pabo for 7 lingerie sets.

Upon receiving my order, I had a note in the the parcel to inform me that 2 of the
lingerie sets I had ordered where out of stock and that I had been provided with a substitute item. When I looked at my invoice it shows the items which were sold out and underneath it shows the item number it was supposed to be replaced with, which was also out of stock, leaving me with no replacement for my items yet I have still been charged for them! I contacted them about it and didn't receive a reply so I had to open a dispute through Paypal to receive a refund.


Could be better.

I received my items & they were amazing, delivery was super fast and I was happy with the sale until I saw that my home phone number had been printed in large bold figures, underneath the address, on my parcel, which I see as a huge security risk and I was not impressed but other than that I think it's a good company and would buy from them again if they didn't print my number clear for everyone to see.

13 March 2014

Reply from Katesclothing

Hi AnneMarie. Sorry about this. We do currently print phone numbers on the outside of the packet for a very small number of courier delivered orders only. This is so they can contact you easily if they're having trouble finding your address. You can avoid this easily by entering 000 in to the phone number field of the shipping address when placing an order. We would still be able to contact you via email if there are any issues, but it could result in the courier failing to deliver at the first attempt. I'm glad that you were otherwise happy, but I'm sorry that this caused you concerns and that it's taken such a long time before we found this review and were able to respond. Kate


Can't fault them.

I've had many problems with fake & fraudulent buyers, items that haven't arrived and items that have been damaged and Ebay has always been fair and all my problems have been sorted. The Buyer protection is great and you can bid with confidence.


Great company.

I've placed orders with this company many times and always receive top quality items at good prices with fast delivery & excellent service.


Had no problems.

I haven't had problems with this company before but I have only ordered from them twice, my items I ordered were great & delivery was fast though.


Great service.

I shop with Asda frequently and I've never had a problem, delivery is always on time and the items are always fab.



I was shocked to find so many bad reviews for Asda as I've never had a problem with them before and I order with them frequently.


Very good customer service.

I had a problem with my second purchase from this business as the item I ordered was faulty. I contacted the company and explained what the problem was, they arranged for me to have a replacement sent out and following day I received the item, a free gift and a 20% discount voucher code for my next order, the customer service assistant was polite and helpful, I will shop here again & would recommend others to do the same.

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Waste of time.

On the 08/12/12 I ordered a coat that I really wanted and had been looking in all the Debenhams stores for in my size, It hadn't been delivered by the 18/12/12 and I was getting worried so I phoned up on the expensive 0844 number and they told me to wait a few more days so I rang on the 22/12/12 only to find it had been ' probably lost in transit' after disappointment, waiting in days on end for it and spending money & time phoning for an explanation I got no apology and offered a refund which won't show in my account until the 02/01/13, which is ridiculous. Way to go Debenhams, number one customer service skills!

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If I could rate it no stars I would.

Argos's customer services are appalling and I will never shop there again! 4 times I have experienced this dreadful service (once with a dyer, once with a corner sofa unit & twice with washing machines), I will not be tempted to to shop there again even if Argos were giving items away! They lie, are rude and unreliable. I have ordered a washing machine from my Grandma in her name and address but on my Argos account on-line and they had somehow received an order for me at my address and my Grandma at hers so when I got in touch with them to cancel one of the orders they had promised a refund into my grandma's account by the Wednesday and by the following Monday when we still hadn't got one my grandma phoned up to hear that the order hadn't even been cancelled and when I asked them to check there records because I had indeed cancelled they said that it had been cancelled but we should of gone in store for the refund but with no receipts as it was done on-line that would be imposable. They arranged for a refund to go into her bank account (again) and we checked the delivery address as they kept getting it wrong and it was still wrong. When the washing machine was delivered the fitter left the kitchen sink in a filthy state, good work men should always clear up after themselves. The refund still hasn't been paid and it has been 3 weeks since we called customer services to cancel the order!

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