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OMG, don't touch these muppets with a barge pole.

Where should I start? I placed an order for an Ipod Touch on 3rd December. It said it was dispatched on the 4th. It never arrived and I spent 2 weeks calling (waste of time, it just tells you to call back another time then cuts you off) and e-mailing to find out what was happening. Now, just 3 days before Christmas I got an e-mail saying that they cannot supply the item as they have problems with their suppliers! That is despite refusing to chase this up until 15 days had passed since the dispatch date!!!! On top of that, the e-mail says they haven't charged me........ but they have!!!
One word to describe this company? I can't say as this would never be published, however it rhymes with bankers.

Very good.

Very good indeed.


Never failed to pay out - I've had over 1500 GBP in a little over 2 years!

Very good. The only gripe I have is that when you contact them with a query they often take a long time to reply.

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