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Sage Pay

Sales people say it's quick and easy when in reality you will waste your time

The biggest problem is that SagePay use Elavon. You only have to search for, 'elavon complaints' in Google to find out how bad they are. SagePay have a relationship with Elavon in that SagePay is the payment gateway and Elavon do the bit that puts the money into your bank account.

We have wasted six months of our lives trying to get an account opened and working and finally we thought we were there, but suddenly Elavon stopped the money reaching our account, so we are left with no cashflow. It's been a month and still no cashflow. We phone up SagePay and all they can do is send an email to Elavon. How pathetic is that? Also you phone up Elavon and get told you will get a phone call back with an answer, but you never will and you will waste even more time phoning them back to hear the same thing again and again.

Verdict: If you value your time, then don't use SagePay and Elavon and certainly don't believe the sales people or their website that says it's a quick and easy process.

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26 February 2013

Reply from Sage Pay

Hi Tristan, sorry you have had an issue with your merchant account. We have spoken with our Elavon and your issue should now be resolved. We have also spoken to your colleague to explain the situation but if you have any questions please let us know. We are available on 0845 111 4455 or at Again please accept our apologies for the issues you have had.

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