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I ordered some front brake discs and pads for my Toyota Corolla 51 plate late on Tues eve and they were with me by about 10ish on Thurs morning. I was really happy about that as my mechanic friend was going to fit them that night. I had already been without a car for 4 days, which is a bloody nightmare living out in the middle of the countryside. I had to ask neighbours and friends to get some odd bits of shopping for me.
So on the Thurs eve he came out looked at the discs and said that's right. I explained that all I had to do on the website was put in my number plate and it came up with the parts I needed, although different variations of them, so I picked what I thought would be best and ordered them. So off we went to get started, he gor one disc on, but when it came to the brake pads, they were the WRONG ones. They weren't for my car at ll, even though everything on paperwork and boxes matched up. I was fuming and my mechanic was not happy either, as he had taken time out from his busy schedule of work to fix my car for me. So nothing more could be done that evening.
The next day he took me down to [Link], which is where I should've gone in the first place, they were so helpful towards me and didn't treat me as a 'thick woman who knows nothing about cars'. I bought the correct brake pads and some grease that was needed as well. Then returned home and he finally finished off fixing my brakes.
I won't be using Euro Car parts again, I'm now stuck with brake pads that are no good to me or anybody else I know as I can't find the receipt, think it may have blown away when we were out by the car. So very annoyed, I mean how can parts for a Camry fit a Corolla? Surely things like that are checked as they leave the warehouse? the box said Toyota Camry on it for goodness sakes!
I was without a car for longer and had to spend out more money than I needed to, all because somebody can't check the stock going out properly.

I have been contacted by the company, they have emailed me with a copy of my receipt and a returns authorization. Thank you very much indeed, happy with customer services.

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