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Useless Exam booking team

I have been messed about so many times by the exams booking team. I have been booked in for dates that don't exist (i.e booking me in for 'Friday 19th' when the 19th is a Saturday - which leaves me not knowing whether it's the Friday or the Saturday I'm supposed to be there) I have put in exam requests and been ignored for 6 months, completely missing the month I asked for because I was overlooked. I have been booked in for dates that I had already advised I could not do AND I have been booked in for exams that I have previously sat and passed, and made no request whatsoever to take again, I certainly would not want to sit them again for the fun of it. I have made a complaint to the compaints manager previously about the incompitence of the staff and I will be very wary the next time I come to do an internet course. I have also, on my last course with Home Learning College, purchased a course and received my workbooks .. 6 months down the line I rang to ask about booking my exams in as I was not used to the process at that point, I was told that the workbooks I had been given were out of date and I would need to purchase new books for the updated content. A) If I hadn't have phoned, does that mean I would never have been informed that the workbooks I had paid for through Home Learning College were no longer valid? B) Why should I pay for new books after paying for the full course including workbooks, only 6 months earlier, surely if they change the content after I have already enrolled on the course, that's up to Home Learning College to advise, and supply the updated books.

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