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Warning - check all paperwork thoroughly

We share our front door with 2 others flats and the 3 of us agreed at the beginining of February that we would like a black composite door with chrome fittings on the Value doors chap's second visit. We must have said 'black door' about 30 times, and when the chap read our order back to us he definitely said black with chrome fittings, so we were happy. The chap said he would send the final paperwork to the lady who signed the contrat, yet he did not. We 'assumed' that the door would turn up as requested as we all heard him say black etc, as you would. A month passed and we forgot to chase the promised final paperwork - even though it should have been sent through without the necessity to chase. Anyway, the chap came to install our new door yesterday and when he got it out of the van it was RED ,,, by this time it was too late as the old door was long gone and 'we' had signed the wrong contract so didn't have a foot to stand on. None of us like red so this caused a lot of anger and upset, You don't spend £1050 on a door willy nilly / we are now stuck with a gross bright red door for 10 years +

Note - The door / frame / window etc were installed well and seem to secure BUT not what we wanted. This was at the end of the day a list of human error and my warning to you is CHECK THE PAPERWORK thoroughly. The Value doors chap made a mistake and we didn't pick it up / weren't given a second chance to pick it up as he failed to email the final agreement. Far from ideal. Not happy at all with the administrative side of Value doors service and our stupidity.


Beware - do not order postal delivery flowers in error!

I ordered some flowers to be sent to my mum for her birthday earlier this week - I was happy with my purchase and looked forward to hearing how nice they were on her birthday.

I contact my dad several times on mum's birthday to see if they had arrived, by 4pm I was a bit worried that they weren’t going to arrive at all so called eflorist and to my horror I had inadvertently order postal delivery flowers not courier as expected ... I was not happy at all ... I had to call my 77 year old mum and explain what a silly idiot I had been, she said it was ok, but I knew it wasn’t. Anyway, the flowers arrived via the local postman the next day in a an over sized box so they had been banging around in the box and of course they had had no water for a few days and had been in and out of Royal Mail warehouses = Not a very nice delivery of flowers to a loved one.

Moral of my post – READ the delivery instructions properly!!!

11 January 2013

Reply from eFlorist

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for your feedback. eFlorist offer several types of delivery to cater for all occasion and budgets. We believe our website makes the type of delivery clear when selecting one of our designs.

However, regardless of the type of delivery, we expect all of our flowers to arrive in good condition. From your feedback, this appear not have been the case and so our Customer Service team have emailed you to discuss this matter further.

Kind regards,

Diamonds Factory

YIPPEEEE I found a beautiful ring / Diamonds Factory were great!

I had spent some considerable time hunting for the perfect engagement and had started to get a little disheartened with the process; I couldn’t find the style I wanted, any that I liked cost far too much or too little or were from some slippery shopkeeper when at last I came across the Diamonds factory website (yay). I decided to have a live chat with a representative with regards to booking an appointment to visit their showroom in Hatton Garden and managed to book an appointment for later that day! My appointment was with Zoey; she was very nice indeed, very knowledgeable, honest, calming and best of all no pressure was levied on me – I almost felt like she wanted me to go away and have a think but on impulse I ordered a ring there and then! My engaging party was looming (9 days later!) and Zoey said they would do everything possible to have the ring ready in time. The ring was indeed ready for collection on the day of the party and I love, love, love it! Great service, a good price and an excellent sparkly ring that am very very happy with. I would definitely use them again and highly recommend you do too!

23 October 2012

Reply from Diamonds Factory

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for your review.

We strive to provide our customers with en experience to remember, and do our best to create a pressure free environment that makes your important purchase as stress free as possible.

Congratulations on your engagement!

Best Wishes

The Diamonds Factory Team

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