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Will never use Anglian Home Improvements again

I had two upvc doors installed in January. Looked for GGF endorsement and expected quality work. So many faults it was unbelievable. OK, the repairs have been dealt with now, but should never have happened in the first place. And when I contacted GGF's Compliance Manager I was told there was nothing they could do.

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Northern Parrots

Northern Parrots - the online store every Parrot is talking about.

Looking for Parrot food? I used to buy the food for my parrot, Jasper, in 8lb bags, but I had to go a fair distance to get it. I found this place, Northern Parrots on line. They sell 20lb bags of Pretty Bird much cheaper, and I don't have to go hunting for it. They deliver fast and free. They also sell just about everything my parrot is ever going to need.

Simply Electronics Ltd.

Still waiting for my refund

I bought an iPad 3 on Simply Electronics website on 17/8/12. Unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances I had to cancel the order on 24/8/12, but was told the item hadn't been shipped so all was OK. I was assured the refund would be made in 3/5 working days. When that didn't happen, I emailed again, and this time the refund time went up to 10 working days. Still no refund, but everytime I email I'm told ' few more days'. This mornings email stated "Our Accounting Department is very much aware of your case and they are on their best effort completing each and every refund case as fast as they possibly can. With this said, please immediately contact us again using this email thread in any case no refund confirmation will be received after few more working days.
Onceagaion, we would like to seek your extended patience on this matter as we look forward having your case resolved." I have contacted Barclays whose card I used to make the purchase, and they are taking over my case. They have assured me I will get my money and they will get it back fro SE. Be warned before you buy from this company.

I can now add to the review. At last I have got my refund of over £400, but it's taken almost a month. All I got was emails saying a few more days, another few days. Eventually I replied to one email stating that I was handing everything over to Barclays to recover my money. Would you believe it, two days later I got an email saying that the money was no longer in their account, but depending on how long Barclays took to process the payment, was how long before I would see it on my statement. Don't get caught by this company - read all the other reviews - nearly all say similar things, either item not delivered, or no refund received. Never again, and I'm going to advertise the problem I had to make sure as many people as possible are aware of the way this company goes about their business.

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