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Authentic clubs for a great price - will definitely use again

My biggest concern buying golf clubs on the web is whether they are authentic or not.

I want the best price for kit but not at the expense of being ripped off with sub-standard gear. I went with golf247 for the price (which was fantastic, 10+% cheaper than anywhere else plus I got some free golf balls) and the fact that I was able to verify that the trading company Titus Uk Ltd is one of TaylorMade's official retailers.

The delivery went perfectly. I see others have had issues with this and despite the fact that you don't get the package details to track delivery, the club arrived in 2 days - so I had no problems with that.

When the club arrived I did what I always do which is to validate it against the official TaylorMade photos. I noticed some differences and started to get worried that it was in fact a fake. I contacted golf247 with my concerns and they replied back quickly allaying my fears and giving me a contact number for TaylorMade.

I contacted TM and they verified their relationship with the company (as an official retailer) but also that the serial number of the club was an official UK club and was sent to them in August this year. The differences were explained as design changes to club after it was released.

I felt bad for doubting golf247 and felt the need to log my satisfaction through trustpilot. I genuinely now wonder why I would need to go anywhere else for my kit and have every intention of using them again in the future.

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