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Decent Service, Slow Delivery

Ordered a Disney Princess poster with a frame. Item is good, and got a free poster as well.

Delivery was just under a tenner which was a bit steep in my opinion, especially as the item took well over a week to arrive. If I have 1-3 day delivery at that price it would have been fine. I know the longer more expensive delivery was due to ordering a frame.

Happy overall - and have ordered posters since which were good and quick for delivery.


Good site Good service

Where I work there is a screwfix depot nearby.

The website is decent, easy to navigate and you can check stock and pick up within an hour. I have used is several times and it is very good.

Only prob is that the last 3 times I have been able to place orders, but the item has been out of stock, and I only found out when I arrived to pick up the goods.....


Decent Service, Poor Streaming

I have been a customer 7/8 times over the years. I cancel when I get bored, and resign again later when it suits me.

Now I have a few options including smart TV, AppleTV etc that can stream Lovefilm.... I thought this would be MEGA. however after I signed up I was stunned at the poor selection of movies available to stream.

I tried to cancel, the operator wouldn't allow it (yes I said WOULDNT) as I was only 3 days into my subscription..... I didn't care - just cancel, I don't mind paying the whole month even though I won't use it.... Anyway I have to call a month later to cancel. Again I wasn't allowed to cancel, and was given 3 months free (I didnt want it)...

Eventually I had to be quite rude several times and I also cancelled my DirectDebit. But was finally ALLOWED to cancel.

Not happy overall - very pushy sales staff, poor streaming selection :(


Poor Home Delivery Service

We normally use Tesco for our home delivery, we have now tried Asda twice and twice they have been very poor.

The delivery chaps were nice enough and were on time.

The first delivery we had was delayed by 2 days, and there was a lot of food with 1 day expiry date on the products..... no good enough and I actually packed the order in the car and took them back to the store for a refund...

Second delivery, was given half of someone elses shopping and half of our was missing. Very poor. It was the week before Christmas and we could not get the rest of our delivery or get the wrong items picked up. Spend HOURS on hold on the phone.... again just took the whole lot back to Asda for a refund.

Won't chance using it again, I will stick to Tesco.


Great Products

Expert knowledge and fantastic build quality - My new Allez is ultra-wonderful.


Very poor service to existing customer

I've had sky for a long time, I have an HD TV package. Recently they upgraded my local exchange so I decided to more my phone and broadband to them as well

This was at the start of December and I was given a 1week estimate to switch service.... after many weeks and lots of missed engineer appointments I received a text message to say my order was cancelled. I called them to be told it was cancelled in error and they repeated the order for me. I was given a 3 week estimate for service..... again many weeks later and 3 missed appointments by the engineers, I yet again called. They have to cancel my appointment yet again and are blaming BT Openreach.

Maybe one day I will get the service I want..... I wish Virgin Media was available in my area :(


Use it all the time

Love this site.

And with the ipad and airplay, you can see the movie info on the ipad while watching the trailer on your TV streamed from the ipad..... it is very cool.

We never watch a movie inthe house without checking it our on IMDB !!!!



I just find argos so easy.

At christmas we were driving down the motorway and MrsBopp was using the argos app. We added 5 items, but nowhere had all the items in stock.... the app allowed us to list the closest stores and also told us what each had in stock.... we found a store slightly further away, but had all our items in stock. We ordered them from the app, and drove straight to the store. We left inside 5mins with all our goodies - magic


Kindle Buying FTW

Amazon.... what can I say, one click wonder to buy and add books to my kindle. So quick and easy. I have even bought kindle copies of books I have in paperback and hardback.

Hopefully more authors and publishers will list their products on Kindle :)


Cant hate em

Please stop messing about with everything..... and why is it so hard to link all my google products together properly..... and why are you forcing me to have a very very very poor layout in gmail.... I loved the old way

still love u tho


Never had a problem

I have never had a problem with O2. They even allowed me to downgrade my plan 1 month early when my iphone contract was up for renewal.

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