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ZoomFish Gadgets

Does what it says on the tin. (Cannot believe I just used that phrase...but it's true!)

What can I say that my headline doesn't cover already? I'd not heard of ZoomFish before, so was a little cautious about using them. They offered the best trade in price for my iPad 1st gen, so I went for it. And I was right to do so!

I used the option where ZF send me the post bag, which turned up very quickly. I protected my iPad with old carrier bags and sent it off.

Hardly took any time to get there and be assessed. My cheque turned up real fast too!

Loved being able to check the progress on the website as well.

In short - be honest about your gadget condition (mine was top notch) and you really can trust ZoomFish to be honest with you.

Top guys. :)

Mazuma Mobile

Does what it says on the tin!

It often seems like a lot of online reviews are made by those with a gripe to share, whilst those who have good service just carry on their day. So here is the opposite!

Despite seeing rather unflattering reviews of services like Mazuma (allegedly doing all they can to offer a low price for your used mobile once you have sent it for inspection), I decided just to go for it. My old iPhone 3G had seen better days and would have just ended up in a drawer - so anything was better than nothing.

I certainly did not expect to get the full offer price once they saw the handset, but that's exactly what happened - I sent it off, they reviewed it very, very quickly and paid out the full offer price!

I was as surprised as anyone, given all the negative comments about the place. So yeah - I would use them again. Without hesitation!

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