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Absolutely appalling - please read before buying!

What an absolute pile of rubbish, I just wish I'd have read these reviews first.

I decided to order an HD Camera as a present and ordered in advance and was assured the item was in stock. Sure enough the next day I received a notification to tell me it had been - what a breath of fresh air i *thought*.

The days passed and after 9 days (7 working days) I still hadn't received the item. I contacted thehut and was told that there was no tracking reference or indeed any evidence it had really even been sent out!?!?!?

I asked for a refund and was told that I couldn't had one as they'd sent it and until I sent the item back I couldn't have a refund? How was I ever supposed to do that?

I contacted my credit card company who told me I was within a 7 day cooling off period and could ring them and cancel the order asking for a full refund.

I did this and was initially cut off by a rather flustered representative, managed to speak to another who put me through to his manager (Andy Jackson) who seemed a little blustered when I asked what his position was, he replied something like "Cousumer Sales and Services Manger".

I explained the situation and he said he wasn't willing to refund me until the item was sent back to them (how I could ever do this since I hadn't even received it in the first place???). I told him about my conversation with the Credit Card company and he told me that once I order with thehut that their terms and conditions trump that of mastercard / trading standards so I didn't have a leg to stand on.

All in all, paid for something I didn't get and had to go buy one from elsewhere in the nick of time for the birthday present. Will I ever get a refund, well as of Monday that's in the hands of the credit card company.

What an absolute farce.

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